Productions — Past

  1. Trickster (2014)

    An exciting collaboration with fantastic artists from Galway, Ireland, Trickster immerses audiences in a powerful experience of dark and unusual sounds...

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  2. Gift (2014)

    A gift arrives. What's inside? Curious? Discover what it means to be gifted: follow talented composer Jez Colborne to the very heart of music making as he uses a shipping container as a musical instrument and performance arena.

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  3. Immovable (2013)

    What would happen if a six-foot cube of Yorkshire Stone appeared without explanation, one morning in a public place in the middle of your City? Immovable is a playful, interactive installation that inspires passion, performance, curiosity, extreme sports and laughter.

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  4. Treasure Island (2013)

    A tale of Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver, pirates, parrots and treasure. Audiences joined the cast of four on an adventure to find the X on the map and fight for a share of the buried gold, without catching the dreaded Black Spot on the way!

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  5. Stig of the Dump (2011)

    An enchanting tale of a unique friendship: Stig wears rabbit-skins, has his own language and uses empty tin cans for a chimney. In his world the outsider is king, nothing is wasted and a dump is filled with endless delights.

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  6. Of Mice and Men (2011)

    This original and inspiring re-telling by Mike Kenny, was the first to feature a learning disabled actor in the role of Lennie and was staged with an integrated cast to wide critical acclaim by Mind the Gap in 2000, 2001, and 2005.

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