MTG Studios

MTG Studios is an inspiring, accessible and versatile venue in the heart of the iconic Lister Mills, Manningham.

The beautiful £2.2 million development had been designed specifically for Mind the Gap and its artists. Featuring an impressive 122 seat theatre, three stunning studio spaces, two meeting rooms and a bright and airy central meeting area called AllSpace, MTG Studios is a real asset to Bradford’s arts scene.

As well as being home to Mind the Gap’s Academy, MTG Studios also hosts a range of events throughout the year. Our spaces are also available to hire too!

  1. The Adventures of Walter Lemonface

    Ever wanted to control what happens in a cartoon? Now you can in this fun-filled experience for the whole family – there’ s no such thing as too much joining in!

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  2. Dough!

    Frankie is a mess, a very doughy mess. Unable to resolve the chaos in her kitchen she has to make a journey to an unfamiliar place to get help. Everything tastes, smells and feels different there.

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  3. One Little Word

    A beautiful story of friendship and play. We meet two characters who play together - exploring a new space, new objects, dressing up and taking turns - but struggles arise when one of them wants to be the ONLY Captain of the ship!

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  4. Horace and the Yeti

    Intrepid Victorian adventurer Horace is out hunting yeti! He's trekking across the Himalayas, hoping to find one of the legendary Abominable Snowmen.

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  5. Four Corners

    FOUR CORNERS weaves together dance, original live music and storytelling. Exploring the lives of four young Londoners and all that complicates them. FOUR CORNERS is a showing from inclusive company BLINK DANCE THEATRE.

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  6. Venue Hire

    Mind the Gap Studios is an inspiring, fully accessible space with a variety of studios and meeting rooms to suit your needs. A lively, creative and visually stunning environment, with state of the art audiovisual equipment, and friendly attentive staff.

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