Anna - Mind the Gap


Daughters of Fortune: Anna – Exploring Learning Disability and Parenthood

Anna is an interactive Forum Theatre piece that explores scenarios that may be experienced by learning-disabled people when they consider being, or become, a parent.

Anna will enable learning-disabled adults to explore their own understanding, thoughts, experiences and options around the subject of ‘becoming a parent’. It is also aimed at professionals working in the Health and Social Care sectors who wish to develop and improve their own practice.

This 1.5-hour workshop is lead by a team of 3 professional learning-disabled performers and a facilitator. They present 4 scenes that participants watch and then suggest changes to, to see if they can change the outcome. The performers then play out those changes, or if participants want to they can ‘step in’ and act out the scene themselves to see what would happen. Anna offers participants a unique and thought provoking insight into situations, whilst still having fun!

Anna isn’t about presenting a specific opinion but aims to make complex issues simple, and difficult subject matter accessible.

Forum Theatre is an interactive workshop format that can be described as ‘a rehearsal for real life’. It provides a safe, supportive environment for individuals to explore complex situations that often have no ‘right’ or ‘one size fits all’ answers. Through using theatre, difficult subject matter is made both accessible and fun.

“Anna is a brilliant conception of a very important production. It was acted with power and sensitivity and deserves a huge audience.”Sarah Bennett, Midwife

Anna is available to book. Contact Senior Producer Lisa Mallaghan or call 01274 487390 for more information.

Past Performances

Date Venue Details
9 July 2018 Live Theatre, Newcastle upon Tyne Great Exhibition of the North
18 May 2018 York Theatre Royal Learning Disability Parenting Conference
15 May 2018 Scottish Youth Theatre, Glasgow Scottish Centre for Learning Disabilities
13 June 2017 Judith Trust 20th Anniversary Event Royal College of Nursing, London
29 November 2016 University of Leeds Workshop for students
10 November 2016 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton Mia touring activity
18 & 19 October 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford Safeguarding Week
13 October 2016 The Palace, Aldershot Health & Social Care Conference
23 September 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford Mia touring activity
12 September 2016 LIFT, Islington Workshop for learning disabled parents
1 August 2016 The Lowry, Salford Mia touring activity
10 June 2016 West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds Beyond Festival
20 May 2016 Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal Workshop for learning disabled artists
18 May 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford Work in Progress sharing

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