Chicken Coup! (2013)

Mind the Gap’s egg-cellent festival and street-theatre show.

Why did the chicken cross the road? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Wonder no more, thanks to Mind the Gap’s fun and highly entertaining festival offering.

The chickens are getting their own back… tired with scratching a living they are hatching a plan, to overturn the pecking order.

They need to watch out though! The latest wannabe celebrity chef is missing one final ingredient for the most popular dish on the menu… Chicken Soup!

Expect thrilling chase scenes, lots of slapstick, general silliness and fowl language in this family friendly festival piece.

Chicken Coup Tour

Chicken Coup is available to hire, contact us on 01274 487390 to discuss pricing and a range of options for your event.


Date Venue Details
Wed 26 - Thur 27 June 2014 Germany Coming soon

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