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Inspired by the Twitter account Humans of Theatre, Mind the Gap presents Humans of MTG – an online campaign celebrating the people we have worked with over the past few years and beyond.

Globally we are all experiencing difficulties and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, which are shared within the arts community. So here’s to all the amazing freelancers and artists out there who deserve a shout out!

Faye Dawson

Faye Dawson is Mind the Gap’s PR Agent who first worked with us when we took the show Mia to Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2017. She has since worked on various projects with the company including our giant co-production with Walk the Plank, ZARA in 2019, which received a huge amount of press and media attention due in no small part to Faye’s invaluable PR skills.

Working with Mind the Gap

There are so many wonderful memories of working with Team MtG because they are a joy; the first time I saw them perform was Mia at their home in Bradford’s Lister Mills and I was blown away – I laughed and cried throughout and remember thinking ‘I like this lot’.

But, of course, working with them on ZARA was incredible.  Finally seeing that baby in position at The Piece Hall in Halifax was quite an emotional experience!

On the day of opening night, it was red hot. We were welcoming photographers and media for interviews, chatting with an inquisitive public and generally getting excited.

Opening night was magical. Thousands of people in a beautiful venue engaging with a story rarely told – as I say, a joy.

Arts Career

I’ve worked in the arts world in a host of guises; theatre bars, as an actor, a brief stint on crew (ended up in A&E), on box offices, and of course in PR & Communications.

My earliest memory of visiting the theatre was going to Panto at Leeds Grand in the 70s. My Grandparents took me and my cousin and we sat in a box – I was upset because I couldn’t catch any of the sweets that were traditionally thrown into the audience by the Dame. (I’ve never sat in a box since – but I still bloody love panto.)

Then I saw the film Grease, decided I wanted to be Rizzo, and figured I’d better work at being an actor so, on leaving school, I went to do a Performing Arts course in Wakefield which of course led me to a whole host of jobs; pulling pints, waitressing, cleaning, call centres, tax office…

It was when working as an entertainer in a hotel in Majorca in 1997 that I decided I no longer wanted to pursue a career in acting but I still enjoyed being in the theatre world so I got a job on box office. This is where I discovered the Marketing & PR team – I thought ‘I’d like me some of that; writing about and promoting theatre? Yes please.’

In 2000 I dropped pretty lucky and got a job as a marketing assistant in a visitor attraction – within 6 months they created a PR role for me, and the rest is a rather fabulous history!

Follow Faye Dawson on Twitter @fayedawsonpr

Visit Faye Dawson's website


Emilie Flower

Emilie Flower is a filmmaker who has worked with Mind the Gap for many years. Her credits for the company include the I’m Me music video, Magna Carta on Trial, My Story project and most recently the pre show films and live editing for ZARA.

See more of Emilie’s work here…

Jessica May Buxton

Jessica played various roles including Curley’s Wife, Curley and Suzie in the adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic Of Mice and Men by Mike Kenny in 2011.

Find out more about Jessica’s company The Bookworm Players here…

Katy Rubin

Katy Rubin is the founder of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, a nonprofit organisation that partners with communities facing discrimination to spark transformative action through theatre. Katy spent some time working with Mind the Gap back in 2011.

Follow Katy on Twitter @KatyRubinTO
Visit Katy’s website here…

Manuela Benini

Manuela (or Manu to us) worked with Mind the Gap in 2018 as the London Community Cast Director for our giant co-production with Walk the Plank and Emergency Exit Arts, ZARA.

Find out more about Manuela’s projects below:
The Red Dress Project
Tambores Livres
Trans-Form Project

Maria Spadafora

Maria is one of Mind the Gap’s photographers. She has worked on various projects with the company including the promotional and production photography for Mia and Anna as well as community events such as Celebrate Manningham.

See more of Maria’s work here…

Nicola Schofield

Nicola is a writer and was selected to run a series of Play Days with Mind the Gap Artists in early 2020 as part of our R&D year.

Find out about Nicola’s company Highlight Collective here…

Rob Ewens

Rob trained with Mind the Gap in the 2000’s and appeared in some of the company’s most memorable national touring productions including Boo (2009) and Of Mice and Men (2011).

You can view Rob Ewens’ Spotlight profile here…

Follow Rob on Twitter @Rob_Ewens_