Irresistible (2014)

Masterminded by international artist Jez Colborne, Irresistible combines music, theatre, film and sirens. It tells the story of a man on a journey. He meets the Hobos, who guide him; the Crew, who intimidate him; and the singing Sirens, who lure him.

The Irresistible journey began in October 2010 in a quarry, in Yorkshire, England. A captivated audience of 100 people gathered in the wind and the rain to see the work-in-progress premier at the Cow & Calf rocks in Ilkley.

Took my breath away” Ralph Dartford, Arts Council England

Irresistible was originally commissioned by Unlimited for the Cultural Olympiad at the London 2012 games. Unlimited wanted high quality, disability led work that focused on innovation and ambition with strong artist and producer relationships, which would showcase the UK’s best disability arts to the rest of the world. Jez Colborne was chosen to create Irresistible in collaboration with Mind the Gap, England’s largest learning disability theatre company.

Jez Colborne is a multi talented composer, musician, actor and siren enthusiast with a learning disability. Inspired by his childhood fear of warning sirens, Jez wanted to create a spectacular new piece of music and theatre:

Irresistible involves using lots of types of sirens to create a symphony. I’m bringing a whole new meaning to the word siren, mixing them with choirs, bands and lighting to make sirens the star of the show. It’s about using danger, excitement and risk to create a new piece!

Since London 2012 Irresistible has gone on to be a runaway success and almost four years since the original commission, Mind the Gap is still receiving numerous bookings for this breathtaking, site sensitive spectacular, with demand for the work reaching around the globe.

About the Show

Irresistible is a family friendly, energetic and breathtaking live event combining music, theatre, film and sirens.

Irresistible tells the story of a man on a journey. He meets the Hobo’s who guide him; the Crew who intimidate him; and the singing Sirens, who lure him.

This atmospheric and joyous site sensitive experience will surround your senses and leave you singing new rock and blues songs. Can you resist the Call of the Sirens?

Irresistible Tour

Irresistible has toured London’s Southbank Centre, National Theatre, Olympic Park, Bradford, St Helens, Unity Festival Cardiff, Berne, Geneva, Basel and Zurich, performing in an array of different venues such as indoor and outdoor theatres, a quarry, a library, and a stairwell!

Irresistible is available for booking, contact our Business Development Manager Lisa for details or call 01274 487394

*Unlimited was originally funded by The National Lottery through the Olympic Lottery Distributor and delivered in partnership between London 2012, Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council of Northern Ireland and the British Council.

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Past Performances

Date Venue Details
Wed 26 - Thur 27 June 2014 Kultur Vom Rande Festival, Reutlingen, Germany Studio Theatre
October 2013 City Park, Bradford In the Mirror Pool
June 2013 Unity Festival, Cardiff, Wales Wales Millennium Centre Atrium
June 2013 Berne, Switzerland Studio Theatre
June 2013 Geneva, Switzerland Studio Theatre
June 2013 Zurich, Switzerland Nightclub
May 2013 Basel, Switzerland Studio Theatre
February 2013 St Helens Central Library In the Library
September 2012 Olympic Park, London Outdoor stage at the Olympic Park
September 2012 National Theatre, London Outdoors - 'Watch this Space'
September 2012 Southbank Centre Stairwell
June 2012 Mind the Gap Studios Studio Theatre
October 2010 Cow & Calf Rocks, Ilkey Outdoors in a quarry



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Comments & Reviews

  • Lisa Mallaghan

    Wow, this looks great! Can’t wait to see it in Bradford!

  • Mind the Gap

    Glad you’re looking forward to it Lisa! So are we. Rehearsals in full swing for this toe-tapping, fun for all the family show!

  • disqus_aM70LhQ0lT

    We went to see Irresistible at City Park in Bradford last Sat (19th Oct). It was a good display and really easy to follow with the BSL interpreter as I am deaf. There were some really interesting special effects with the lighting, mist and bad weather style effects. We really enjoyed the songs and the actors were really good, there was always something to watch. Can’t wait to see it again!

  • Mind the Gap

    We had a great review by Zoe Parker from Culture Vultures, here’s a snippet:

    “An exciting feature of the piece, was the fabulous music – which played from speakers behind the audience and all around the park. This immersed us in that beautiful sound. It was a joy to watch and be part of, amongst a diverse crowd – a great example of what the city of Bradford has to offer.” Go here for the full, exciting review:

  • Steve Howard

    What a great performance from everyone, particularly the ladies in the crane platform! Jez and the crew were great and the sound & lighting was excellent – another stunning performance despite the damp ending!

  • Richard (Raise the Roof)

    I’m not usually moved to comment on shows I work on, BUT Irresistible is one of the best shows I’ve seen in Bradford City Park!

  • Sarah Louise Bowes

    good luck guys for irrestable