Daughters of Fortune


This project would not be possible without the ongoing support of our funders. With thanks to:

Funder - Arts Council England

We believe that great art and culture inspires us, brings us together and teaches us about ourselves and the world around us. In short, it makes life better.

As an Arts Council National Portfolio Organisation, Mind the Gap is funded to create one new touring piece of work each year.

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Funder - Wellcome

Wellcome exists to improve health for everyone by helping great ideas to thrive. We’re a global charitable foundation, both politically and financially independent. We support scientists and researchers, take on big problems, fuel imaginations and spark debate.

Wellcome are funding the research elements surrounding Mia, including working with Geneticist Dr Lucy Raymond from University of Cambridge and Dr Kate Theodor, Clinical Psychologist, Royal Holloway University of London.

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Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood in today’s society. Think pop culture with popcorn, science with silliness, stories with statistics. Mia challenges the often taken for granted idea of ‘being a parent’.

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