Consultancy and Professional Training

Helping people, places and companies include learning disability access in your day to day practices, and be even more welcoming to all.

Mind the Gap has been working with people with learning disabilities for 25 years, providing consultancy and advice through training workshops, bespoke programmes and partnerships.

Developing new consultancy and training workshops all the time, give us a call to talk about what we have available now, what’s in development, or how we can respond to your brief.

Our bespoke workshops and forum theatre pieces can be created to suit a particular event or subject, and we love exploring new opportunities to work with groups of people in new ways.

Experienced in providing training courses and one-off workshops to support your professional and leadership development, we can help you either on an individual basis or by designing something specifically for your organisation.

Our professional actors can provide advice and best practice about interviewing people with a learning disability, running an inclusive workshop, employing learning disabled actors, and more.