Blog: Chime Music Workshop at Theatre Royal Wakefield

22 November 2017
By Jenny Jones, Learning & Participation Officer, Theatre Royal Wakefield

On the 23rd October, Theatre Royal Wakefield and Mind the Gap came together to deliver the first of many exciting music workshops in the heart of Wakefield.

Chime, led by Simon Grainger and Craig Lees was designed especially for young people with a real passion for music and performing- luckily for me no previous experience of singing or playing instruments was necessary!

As a member of the learning team at Theatre Royal Wakefield, my job is to help plan and deliver activities that get people involved in the theatre, perhaps reaching out to those who have never visited a theatre before. I was so excited to be involved in Chime not only because it meant having the opportunity to learn from Craig and Simon, but I also got to meet a group of young people who loved music as well as having some beautiful singing voices!

The day started with a few activities to help us get to know each other and feel relaxed in the space. We tapped out a simple rhythm, told the group our name and a fact about ourselves. The group gelled very quickly, and soon we were learning ‘Lean on me’ by Bill Withers and ‘Moving on up’ by Primal Scream. Some of the group were even brave enough to sing solos.

The group were so friendly and confident around one another that Craig suggested that we try writing our own song. The theme was a shared love for music, and everyone in the group added their ideas before these were turned into fully formed lyrics. There was a lot of laughter in the room and I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who was still humming the tune hours after the workshop had ended!

The day ended with a performance to family and friends where the group shared what they had learned throughout the day. I was so impressed with how much they’d got done, and it was lovely to see friendships developing.

The next Chime project will take place on the 19th, 20th and 21st of February 2018. If you would like to sign up or would like some more information please contact Jenny Jones on 01924 330065 or


*Chime is funded by the National Foundation for Youth Music