One Day Courses

Mind the Gap Academy’s one day courses are the perfect introduction to the performing arts for people with learning disabilities and autism.

The Academy’s range of beginner level one day courses are run by highly experienced tutors who know how to bring out the best in each and every student. All teaching is person centred so that students can develop at a rate that suits and challenges them, their learning style and takes in to consideration the amount of experience they have.

Theatre (Mondays)

The one day Theatre course is aimed at people who are interested in learning and developing theatre and acting skills. This beginner level course covers subjects including improvisation, acting with other people, learning scripts and developing characters.

Students will also learn how to evaluate their own work and have plenty of opportunities to perform in front of an audience.

This course can be applied for in spring every year. Audition is required to join.

A group of actors stood in front of a microphone, all wearing white t-shirts and plaid shirts
Performers in rehearsal posing with their left arms raised above them

Totally Arts (Tuesdays)

Totally Arts operates on an ‘if you enjoy the arts, then come on in’ basis. No experience is necessary and you don’t need to audition to join.

Subjects are explored through sensory activities so that everyone can access the work. Students can work at their own level and pace. Each session is standalone so if students miss a day, their learning and engagement is not compromised.

Totally Arts can be joined throughout the year. No audition is necessary.

Dance (Thursdays)

The one day Dance course uses the essence of everybody’s movements to create new choreography through a mix of improvisation, technique and choreography. Inspired by contemporary dance styles and dancers, students will develop dance skills, learn about choreography and research dance artists and companies.

Students also have opportunities to create their own dance pieces and to perform in front of an audience.

This course can be applied for in spring every year. Audition is required to join.

Two dancers moving together, one leant on the other
A group of performers all wearing black stood in a line in front of some bongo drums

Music (Fridays)

For those who have an interest in music and want to improve their skills, the one day Music course is perfect for them. Students play different musical instruments, learn about rhythm, create their own melodies and try musical improvisation.

Students will also have opportunities to perform music they have learnt or written themselves in front of an audience.

This course can be applied for in spring every year. Audition is required to join.

“Her confidence levels have improved so much in such a short time … she’s happy, doesn’t want to miss a day and we’re never allowed to be late!”

Parent of One Day Music student

“It is important for us all to know that she is mixing with her peers, is being creative and imaginative. And also that she is being respected, encouraged and challenged. Mind the Gap Academy does this.”

Parent of Totally Arts student

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