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  1. Survival Kit

    Mind the Gap Academy end of year show 2018: Featuring Dance, music and personal stories of survival in the 21st century, join the cast as they navigate their way through the high seas of love, money and acceptance with entertaining representations about our vital needs.

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    CONTAINED is a vibrant, compelling and personal production. Nine interwoven true stories about family and friendships, love and loss, the everyday and the extraordinary.

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  3. Irresistible

    An energetic and breath-taking live event masterminded by lead artist and composer Jez Colborne. Combining music, theatre, film and sirens, it tells the story of a man on a journey. He meets the Hobos, who guide him; the Crew, who intimidate him; and the singing Sirens, who lure him.

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  4. Chicken Coup!

    Why did the chicken cross the road? Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Wonder no more, thanks to Mind the Gap’s fun and highly entertaining festival offering.

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  5. Trickster (2014)

    An exciting collaboration with fantastic artists from Galway, Ireland, Trickster immerses audiences in a powerful experience of dark and unusual sounds...

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  6. Gift (2014)

    A gift arrives. What's inside? Curious? Discover what it means to be gifted: follow talented composer Jez Colborne to the very heart of music making as he uses a shipping container as a musical instrument and performance arena.

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