Let’s Get Changed


Let’s Get Changed aimed to provoke thought and inspire action to make radical changes to diversity and inclusion in theatre settings. Action that would bring about significant change in individuals and organisations.

Taking place at at the Albany Theatre, Deptford in November 2019, Let’s Get Changed was instigated, managed and hosted by Mind the Gap staff and artists and brought together 117 delegates. Participants included artists with learning disabilities and autism, theatre companies and theatre venues together with international arts sector colleagues, producers, programmers and funders.

The central provocation asked ‘How can we create more high-quality opportunities for people with learning disabilities and autism – as artists, participants and audiences?’ Discussions centred on relaxed performances, support for learning disabled artists and companies, and making changes that interrupt and disrupt the status quo.

The event included a performance platform for eight different learning disabled companies and individuals – StopGap & Carousel, BLINK Dance, Cutting Edge Theatre, About Face Theatre, Sardines Collective and CONFiCo, a film by Hubbub and Adam Smith on piano.

“Being part of this event and coming to London was a real chance to meet other companies and promote our work and I hope that we get more work as a result of being there. Also, we will all benefit from the knock-on effect of venues changing how they treat companies like ours, we would like to be part of that change.”

“I really liked how inclusive it was, and that adults with learning disabilities were represented in many different roles. That is imminently going to inform our forthcoming relaxed performance. I loved the various performances. They were all fantastic in different ways and I took a lot away from them.”

It was good to be there as a team, with time to think about how we can improve our own service, and also be reassured about what we are already doing well.”

“It has given me new ideas to take back to my organisation, some of which can be implemented straight away.”

Let’s Get Changed was co-funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Arts Council England and Erasmus+.