Burnt Out In Biscuit Land by Touretteshero 18 & 19 May

A show by disabled people about our right to exist.

Three people shout in different directions with varying exaggerated expressions of rage, confusion and anticipation. They are all wearing black stab vests with the words ‘NO DNR’ stencilled onto the vests in white paint. Jess, a white woman with curly brown hair is in the centre of the image. Her mouth is open and she is looking upwards as she shouts. Charmaine, a light skinned black woman of mixed heritage, is behind Jess to the left of the image. She is wearing a green knitted snood and is looking into the distance with an expression of extreme frustration. Chopin, a white person with long dark brown curly hair and a fringe. She has both of her eyes closed and her mouth is open as she shouts with her head tilted upwards.

Step into a world unlike any other, where survival is key and joy is a form of resistance. Touretteshero’s latest production takes you on a journey with three neurodiverse individuals as they navigate an apocalyptic bunker. Using a unique blend of film, live performance, and conversation, this funny, surreal, and moving show will inspire you to find your own source of strength and resilience in the face of crisis. Led by writer, artist, and activist Jess Thom, the follow-up to the smash-hit productions ‘Backstage in Biscuit Land’ and ‘Not I’ by Samuel Beckett is a must-see for anyone seeking an unforgettable experience.

Jess Thom is a disabled artist, writer, and activist who challenges stereotypes and misconceptions about disability through her innovative work in the arts. As someone with Tourette’s syndrome, Thom uses her art to promote greater understanding and inclusion of disabled people. She co-founded Touretteshero in 2010, a project that celebrates the creativity and humor of Tourette’s syndrome. Through her powerful voice and advocacy work, Thom inspires audiences worldwide and is an influential figure in the disability rights movement.

All performances are relaxed, have integrated audio description and are captioned. Performances will be live-streamed so that you can experience the show at Mind the Gap or online—tickets from £5 with concessions and free tickets for accompanying carers. The performance on 18 May will have BSL interpretation.

Content Warning: This show contains strong language and adult themes. Age guidance 14+.

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About Touretteshero

Touretteshero is an innovative arts project founded by Jess Thom, a disabled artist, writer, and activist. The project celebrates the creativity and humor of Tourette’s syndrome, challenging stereotypes and promoting greater understanding of disability. Touretteshero’s work spans across different media, from stage productions to online content, and combines art, activism, and humor in a unique and engaging way. Whether you’re watching a Touretteshero performance or following their online presence, you’ll be inspired by their creativity and encouraged to think differently about disability. .

Praise for previous work

“Funny, utterly joyous, artful and political too.” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian, Review of Touretteshero’s Brewing in the Basement

“Cathartic, inclusive and political” Natasha Tripney, The Stage, Review of Touretteshero’s Not I by Samuel BeckettFounded in 2010.


  • With performances by Jess Thom, Jess Mabel Jones and Charmaine Wombwell.
  • Co-directed by Ria Parry and Matthew Pountney.
  • Co-written by Jess Thom, Matthew Pountney, Ria Parry, Jess Mabel Jones and Charmaine Wombwell.
  • Designed by Ben Pacey. 
  • Technical stage management by Erik Perera. 
  • Produced by Rosie Scudder.
  • Supported by public funding through Arts Council England.


  • Burnt Out In Biscuit Land was developed with the support of Unlimited and the National Theatre’s Generate programme. 
  • Woollen costume pieces handmade by Charmaine Wombwell.
  • Costume customisation by Mydei Maf.
  • ‘The Pledge’ banner was handmade by Julienne Hanson.
  • With thanks to Liz Honeybone and the Costume & Textile Team at the National Theatre.

As part of this project, we are partnering with arts commissioning body Unlimited. Unlimited commission extraordinary work from disabled artists that will change and challenge the world. Together, we have been running a national micro-commissioning opportunity for disabled artists based in 8 towns and cities across the Collaborative Touring Network. More information about these micro-commissions and the artists we have been working with can be found on the CTN website

  Mind the Gap logo. A square speech bubble says Mind the Gap in the middle.

Three people stare directly at the camera and are each wearing different coloured, knitted balaclavas where only their eyes and mouths are exposed. They are all wearing black stab vests with the words ‘NO DNR’ stencilled onto the vests in white paint. Charmaine is on the left of the image. She is wearing a knitted green balaclava and blue knitted snood. Chopin is on the right of the image. She is wearing a red and orange knitted balaclava. She is tugging the top of the stab vest with her left hand. Jess is in the centre of the image between Charmaine and Chopin and is staring straight at the camera. She is wearing a blue and pink knitted balaclava.

Photos by Ro Murphy

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