An image of a Bolivian man in a red checked shirt and black jeans spreading flour over some dough on the floor. He is brightly lit against a black background.

AJAYU Transitorio at Mind the Gap Studios

A magical multicultural live performance by Yuvel Soria inspired by Bolivia’s Day of the Dead Festival.

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Disability And… Television Successes

This month on the Disability And… podcast, Mind the Gap’s Assistant Producer Paul Wilshaw chats with CBeebies presenter George Webster and Coronation Street’s Alex Warner, Liam Bairstow.

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An image of an industrial factory with a large chimney against a blue sky. On the left of the image are the words Manningham Stories in white with the Historic England logo underneath

Manningham Stories

Mind the Gap has received £7,000 funding from the Historic England Place Marker Pilot Project for a new project called Manningham Stories.

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Interior photo of the Mind the Gap studios showing three tables surrounded by chairs

Open Space Opportunities

Mind the Gap’s Open Space programme offers free space to Bradford artists, disabled artists, and people making work with learning disabled and/or autistic creatives at certain times of the year.

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Hannah Harris reflects on her time as Assistant Director

Hannah Harris joined the Leave the Light on for Me creative team as Assistant Director through the Regional Theatre Young Director Scheme (RTYDS).

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A composite image of four men's head and shoulder shots side by side against a black background.

Funding success for four Mind the Gap Artists

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that four Mind the Gap Artists have been successful in their applications to Arts Council England’s Developing Your Creative Practice (DYCP) fund.

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A headshot of Joyce Lee. Joyce is a Hong Kong women with chin length straight black hair. She is smiling and is wearing a grey t-shirt with a red cardigan over the top. The photo is taken outside in front of a large red vent and an old mill building.

A few words on creative access

Imagine if we could rebuild the world to make sure it’s accessible for everyone. A world where universal design is the guiding principle. This is what we’re trying to do as we build the world of Leave the Light on for Me.

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A close up of a mans face. He is white, in his mid thirties and has curly hair, fine rimmed glasses and short stubble. He is back lit by a red and green light.

Listen up: A message for the Creative Industries

In September 2021, Mind the Gap’s Changing the Scene event closed with a rousing speech by Assistant Producer, Paul Wilshaw. This is that speech… Listen up!

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A headshot of Paul Bates. Paul is a white man with short dark blonde hair. He is smiling and wearing a pale pink t-shirt. He is pictured against a dark background.

Paul Bates lands role in new Animikii Show

Mind the Gap Artist Paul Bates has been cast in Animikii’s new show The Kaspar Hauser Experiment. We caught up with Paul to find out more about his role in the show.

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