ThickSkin visit Mind the Gap

This week, Performance Academy students welcomed ThickSkin Theatre to Mind the Gap and enjoyed their virtual reality show ‘Petrichor’.

Four people sit on chairs. They each have a virtual reality headset and headphones on.

This one-of-a-kind immersive experience combines live-action theatre and animation to explore the hopes and fears of our current and future existence.

As we entered studio 1, we were invited to put on a pair of headphones and a virtual reality headset and the show began. It was fascinating to experience a piece of theatre in 360 degrees, through virtual reality. No matter where we turned out heads, we were immersed in the production. One student commented “I felt like I was part of it! It showed me what can be done in physical theatre and how a story can be told.”

Following the performance, ThickSkin ran a workshop with us where we had the chance to create our own movements using a mixture of symbols and signs for inspiration. Students then used these movements to create duets, which allowed them to turn their original ideas into a short performances.

It’s always wonderful to welcome new companies to Mind the Gap and discover how they work to create exciting pieces of theatre.

Find out more about ThickSkin and their show Petrichor on their website…

We’re always on the lookout for new theatre companies to work with our Academy programmes. If you are, or know of, a company doing exciting and interesting work, get in touch:

By Melissa Conyers, Learning & Engagement Coordinator

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