World Theatre of the Oppressed Day

Mind the Gap will be marking World Theatre of the Oppressed Day 2022 on Wednesday 16 March with an online sharing of the company’s forum theatre workshop Anna, and a panel discussion featuring international Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners.

This will be the final opportunity to take part in Anna, Mind the Gap’s forum theatre workshop exploring learning disability and parenthood, which has been performed around the country and online since 2016.

Aimed at health and social care professionals, university and college students, artists and practitioners interested in forum theatre, the workshop will take place between 11am and 1pm.

The workshop will be followed by a Panel Discussion featuring international Theatre of the Oppressed practitioners, who will be asking the question ‘How do we respond to the changes in the world and stay relevant with our Theatre of the Oppressed practice?’

New generations of artists are continuing the spirit of Theatre of the Oppressed while evolving and adapting their practice in response to new challenges. In honour of Theatre of the Oppressed founder Augusto Boal’s birthday, we are bringing together practitioners from around the world. Through conversation and reflection we aim to find strength and solidarity in each other on our journey of Theatre of the Oppressed.

Panel includes:

  • Adrian Jackson (Found of Cardboard Citizens, UK)
  • Julian Boal (Co-founder of Escola de Teatro Popular, Brazil)
  • Katy Rubin (Founder of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, US)
  • Koh Hui Ling (Co-Artistic Director or Drama Box, Singapore)
  • Sanjoy Ganguly (Artistic Director of Jana Sanskriti, India)
  • Tess Farley (Applied Theatre Quality and Training Lead of Odd Arts, UK)

Tickets cost £7.50 / £5 and will give you access to both events.

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