Survival Kit - Mind the Gap

Survival Kit

Survival Kit and Where’s Steve were presented at Bradford Theatre’s Studio on 19 July 2018 as part of Mind the Gap Academy’s end of year show.

\What do you need to survive?
What can’t you live without?
A home, friendship, chocolate?

Mind the Gap’s Artists and Students present a contemporary piece of theatre about endurance and existence.

Featuring Dance, music and personal stories of survival in the 21st century, join the cast as they navigate their way through the high seas of love, money and acceptance with entertaining representations about our vital needs.

Curtain Raiser: Where’s Steve?

Nobody seems to know! It’s the morning after the night before and Steve is nowhere to be found. From the office to home to the cinema… he’s just not turned up and everyone’s annoyed with him.

A collection of short scenes created by Performance Academy students exploring the journey from devising to performance.

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