Leave the Light on for Me

Leave the Light on for Me

A new outdoor family theatre show by Mind the Gap

Leave the Light on for Me is a new piece of outdoor theatre for festivals made by Mind the Gap and Nickie Miles-Wildin. It uses soundscape, very few words, physical performance and evocative imagery to explore climate change. 

Audiences will experience a multi-sensory, playful show that draws them in to engage with universal human stories about climate change, making the issues feel relevant, encouraging hope for change and acting as a call for action. 

The show combines Nickie’s experience of outdoor work and devising for unusual spaces with Mind the Gap’s expertise in telling complex, real-life stories in accessible ways. 


Programming for summer 2022

Leave the Light on for me will be touring UK Festivals in summer 2022. If you’re interested in booking the performance for your festival, contact Senior Producer Deborah Dickinson on 01274 487390.