Leave the Light on for Me

In the not-too-distant future, when eco rules are in force, two sisters work hard to keep their carbon footprint under control. When the Planet Inspectors arrive to see how they’re getting on, everything is going well until one mistake means they could be evicted… The sisters now have two options: pay up to offset their carbon footprint or successfully complete a series of eco challenges. Will the sisters get to stay or will they face eviction?

Made from the perspective of a professional cast of artists with learning disabilities and autism, audiences will be taken on a journey of joy, laughter, shock and surprise. Featuring creative audio description, sustainable design and a sophisticated soundscape, this physical theatre performance aims to make an overwhelming issue accessible and inspire everyone to do their part.

Leave the Light on for Me is a joyous and rebellious outdoor performance that explores climate change and justice from a fresh perspective. 

Research and Development Process


A headshot of Charlotte Jones. Charlotte is a Black women with black shoulder length hair. She is wearing a peach coloured sweater. She is smiling and looking slightly off to the side. She is pictured against a dark background.

Charlotte Jones


A headshot of JoAnna Haines. JoAnne is a white woman with ginger chin length hair and blue eyes. She is smiling and wearing a black long sleeve top. She is pictured against a dark background.

JoAnne Haines


A headshot of Alison Colborne. She is a white woman with shoulder length wavy mousey brown hair. She is wearing dark rimmed rectangle glasses and a flowery top. She is pictured against a dark background.

Alison Short


A headshot of Alan Clay. Alan is a white middle-aged man with grey shoulder length hair and a grey beard. He is wearing a red t-shirt with a blue hoodie over the top. He is pictured against a dark background.

Alan Clay

Robert, Planet Inspector Senior

A headshot of Howard Davies. Howard is a white man with very short grey hair. He is wearing a striped polo shirt. He is smiling and pictured against a dark background.

Howard Davies

Simon, Planet Inspector Junior

A headshot of Paul Bates. Paul is a white man with short dark blonde hair. He is smiling and wearing a pale pink t-shirt. He is pictured against a dark background.

Paul Bates



  • Joyce Lee  – Co-Director
    Nickie Miles-Wildin  – Co-Director
    Maria Terry – Designer
    Kt Vacara – Costume Maker
    Naomi Parker – Costume Maker
    Sarah Worrall – Prop Maker
    Sarah Llewellyn – Composer
    Jez Colborne – Assistant Composer
    Jack Yarrow – Assistant Composer / Creative Enabler
    Carlos Pons Guerra – Movement Director
    Ben Pugh – Production Manager
    Heidi Thornton – Technical Stage Manager
    Melissa Conyers – Company Stage Manager
    Melissa Jackson – Company Stage Manager
    Deborah Dickinson – Producer (until April 2022)
    Ben Rothera – Producer
    Hannah Harris – RTYDS Assistant Director
    Tracy Radford – RTYDS Assistant Director Support Worker
    Lyleigh Philips – RTYDS Assistant Director Support Worker
    Tash Nird – RTYDS Assistant Director Support Worker
    Vicky Ackroyd  – Access Champion
    MJ Jones – Tour Logistics

  • Madeleine O’Reilly – Community Cast Director
    Naomi Parker – Costume Supervisor – Community Cast
    Jess Boyes – Producer
    Paul Wilshaw – Assistant Producer
    Maria Thelwell – Access Coordinator
    Lauren Hall – Assistant Producer Support Worker
    Laura Reed – Creative Engagement Facilitator placement
    Kate Mahon – Community Connector
    Emilie Flower – Filmmaker
    Ed Sunman – Film Editor

  • Rob Abbey – Head of Communications
    Liam Bairstow – Communications Assistant Placement
    Fabric Lenny – Illustration
    Tom Woollard – Photography

  • Jen Dyer  – Researcher – University of Leeds / Nifty Sustainability
    Becki Jepson – Research Assistant – Nifty Sustainability
    Claire Workman – Grassroot training coordinator, Friends of the Earth
    Simon Bowens – Friends of the Earth

Tour Dates

Leave the Light on for Me has now finished its 2022 UK Festival Tour. Keep an eye out for more tour dates soon!


Leave the Light on for Me has creative access built into the show.

IRIS provides a level of Audio Description throughout the show for visually impaired audiences and all characters use Makaton sign language and physical performance to help tell the story for hearing impaired and d/Deaf audiences. Read more about creative access in Artistic Director Joyce Lee’s blog here.

In addition to the access that has been build into the show, Mind the Gap has created an access synopsis for people with learning disabilities and autism and Director Joyce Lee has recorded an Audio Described introduction to the show to help set the scene for visually impaired audiences. You can access these using the links below or by speaking to one of our stewards at each performance.

Access Synopsis Audio Described Introduction

Leave the Light on for Me commissioned by Unlimited