CONTAINED: The Project


CONTAINED is a circle of projects, which surround a piece of high quality theatre. Each element – including a music video, a series of short films, an exhibition – feed off each other artistically building long lasting relationships with people locally, nationally and internationally.

CONTAINED is more than just a performance; it’s a concept, the start of a conversation.

We’re fascinated by the stories that people hold inside their hearts. Stories about those moments in life that make us the people we are today.

If you could tell someone your story, what would it be? We’d love to hear it. Contact us on 01274 487390 to get involved.

Through performance, film, photography, music and dance we want to capture and share people’s stories.

The CONTAINED circle of projects includes a live touring performance, a series of one minute films, a music video, a collection of photographs and a film-making residency. Future plans include a documentary and an exhibition.

Created in collaboration with Alan Lyddiard (Artistic Director of the Performance Ensemble and former Artistic Director of Northern Stage) and Denis Darzacq (award winning French Photographer and Filmmaker).

CONTAINED: The Performance

Nine interwoven true stories about family and friendships, love and loss, the everyday and the extraordinary.

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Alan Lyddiard on CONTAINED

Read an extract from Alan Lyddiard's blog explaining the concept behind CONTAINED.

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