The Creative Doodle Book project is working with a diverse range of community groups and arts organisations across the country. In our initial pilot period to December 2020, the following companies have worked with us: Confidance; Indepen-Dance, The Lawnmowers and Theatre Royal Wakefield Theatre. Here is some of the feedback we received from these groups:

“It landed on our doorsteps at a great time. It can really enhance our practice and find new ways of how we can support our members. I think it is bringing positivity for sure, when it has been quite dark and challenging times.” – Claire Reda, Indepen-dance

“The workshops provided a “friendly working environment and the opportunity just to be freely expressive and playful in what they were creating. Vicky has a lovely energy as a facilitator, very light and playful and energetic and inclusive. It was fun and gentle, which was really, really needed. It came at a good time for us.”Joshua Green, The Lawnmowers

“It’s brought a really nice lightness to our slightly heavy turn of events over the last couple of months. And we’ve just enjoyed it. It’s always been something we’ve looked forward to doing and everyone feels great at the end of the week.”Jo Frater, Confidance

“I will certainly be taking stuff forward into the studio when we return to in-person work, as an alternative to the ways that we have been working in the past. So for a practitioner that’s been doing it for 25 years, it certainly invigorated me, which I just wasn’t expecting from an online project.”Tina Shuker, Theatre Royal Wakefield