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Creative Doodle Book

Who’s Who?

Mind the Gap developed the Creative Doodle Book with York St John University through the course of 2019/20 in collaboration a group of artists and performers. The objective was to create a resource that would support individuals with learning disabilities to engage in creative reflective thinking about themselves and their art making.

This stage of the Creative Doodle Book project is being delivered by:

Vicky Ackroyd

Vicky Ackroyd is our lead facilitator, designing and delivering community workshops using the Creative Doodle Book as the starting point.

JoAnne Haines

JoAnne Haines, a learning disabled performer with Mind the Gap, has been using the Creative Doodle Book in her own artistic practice and supporting workshop delivery.

Brian Hartley

Brian Hartley has done all the design and illustration work for the Creative Doodle Book, and is also delivering workshops with Scottish-based community groups.

Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap are liaising with community groups across the country, with Deborah Dickinson the producer for the project.

York St John University

York St John University work in collaboration with Mind the Gap on a number of creative and educational projects. The Creative Doodle Book was conceived by Matthew Reason, Professor of Theatre and Performance at YSJU.

UK Research and Innovation

The projected is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.


You might not think that a global pandemic would be especially fertile ground for launching an online visual art project, and yet the Creative Doodle Book seems to have been exactly what people needed!

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