Billy Hickling - Percussionist Performer/The Trash Bang Man - Mind the Gap

Billy Hickling – Percussionist Performer/The Trash Bang Man

A 15 year veteran performer and rehearsal director with the international hit show STOMP, Billy Hickling has been working with Mind the Gap since 2010.

“I was introduced to Mind the Gap during its production of Stig of the Dump in 2010 when I was asked to help create Stig’s “Junk Soundscape”, and soon after I was quickly welcomed into this unique and wonderful theatrical family.

I’m now a regular contributor, collaborator, workshop facilitator and touring cast member of Jez Colborne’s (in collaboration with Mind the Gap) Irresistible and I’m really excited to be involved in the upcoming new sister project called Gift to be revealed in 2014.  I firmly believe that music is everywhere and continue to kick trash cans in the pursuit of music and art as both a performer in STOMP, as a freelance percussionist and as a musical educator within the British schools system.

My workshops, TrashBang! are interactive, accessible, fun and have recently won The Lord Mayor of York’s Shine Award for Best Community Service Provider 2013.

Billy can be found, wielding unconventional instrumentation at: and on Trash Bang Man.