Lucie Lee Digital Dance Workshop - Mind the Gap

Lucie Lee Digital Dance Workshop

19th January 2018
Written by Lucie Lee, Artistic Director of Lucie Lee Dance Company

On the 30th November 2017, I delivered a Digital Dance Workshop for Mind the Gap Academy’s Dance students.

During the workshop, students learnt about the creation of my recent piece of work called ‘Moving Memories’, which I created during a week long Artists Takeover residency at Kala Sangam Arts Centre in August 2017

Moving Memories explores the principles and notion of ‘immersion’. The theme of Moving Memories is exploring human emotions and the tension in humanity and its effects on the body, using dance theatre, motion tracking, sensory scent, visual projections and 3D printed sculpture. This is first in a series of works with theme ‘state of mind in Relaxation to Progression’.

Following a whole body warm up, students moved through the space and improvised with their movements using different levels and dynamics. Dynamics are very important when working with the motion tracking system Kinect. Students had to be able to identify the different rhythmical scores such as slow, medium and fast. As we were working with the theme of ‘Relaxation’ the movements had to be calm and slow.

During the next part of the workshop, students used their hand to create pathways in the air, like they were ‘drawing’ on a large piece of paper in front of them. Once they were used to doing this, students created a short sequence, which utilised different levels with a calm and slow tempo.

The workshop finished with students presenting their short sequence using Kinect and projection. As they moved Kinect tracked their motion and projected it on screen using 3D lines. It was a brilliant day and fantastic to see the students demonstrate their creativity and enjoyment of drawing with their bodies.


Lucie Lee’s work is funded by Arts Council England, Kala Sangam and Bradford Council; and supported by Mind the Gap and Bradford College.

The Moving Memories installation is at Kala Sangam until December 2018.

Lucie Lee Dance Company is an emerging professional Dance Theatre Company, which embraces the use of digital technologies in their dance performances, combining contemporary dance techniques, improvisation and dance digital practice.