Our People

Alison Colborne


Alison Short performing on stage - Alison has long wavy hair and glasses and is lying in a metal bath full of chocolate bar wrappers

Alison Colborne

“In my role as Artist, I spend most of my time working towards, and performing in, Mind the Gap’s productions. I love being able to contribute my creative ideas to the work the company makes as well as showcase my skills in acting and music.”

Alison has been an Artist at Mind the Gap since 2010. She has appeared in many of the company’s recent productions including Contained, Mia, ZARA and, most recently, playing the role of Iris in Leave the Light on for Me. As well as an Artist for the company, Alison is also a part time Administrator at Mind the Gap.

Alison is a grade 8 saxophonist as well as accomplished flute player. She loves chocolate and adventure films but isn’t much of a fan of spicy food or heavy metal music.