Our People

Bee Skivington

Associate Artist: Theatre and Engagement

A headshot of Bee Skivington. She is an Indian woman in her thirties with dark eyes and long black hair with a fringe. She is wearing dark rimmed glasses and a black and gold shirt dress. The photo is taken outside in front of a large red vent.

Bee is a highly experienced theatre practitioner and uses those skills to engage new people with the company.

Bee has worked at Mind the Gap for 13 years and is passionate about inclusive practice, creative engagement, the local community and making the Arts accessible to all.

Bee helped start and develop the One Day Theatre course, and used to work with our Performance Academy students on developing their industry knowledge and raising aspirations on what they could do next. Now her focus is making friends with and engaging the different communities of Bradford so they can make the most of all we have to offer at Mind the Gap!

Bee always has a snack to hand, loves to learn new crafting skills and practices pilates in her spare time.