Our People

Linda Jones

Board Member

A lady crouched down next to a large scruffy grey and white dog. They are next to a river. The lady has short red hair and is wearing a red and black walking coat.

“I’m a huge fan of the work, output and ethos of Mind the Gap. The company offers challenging, innovative, and demanding opportunities for its Artists and students and is always in the pursuit of excellence. Being born and bred in Bradford, I consider Mind the Gap to be a flagship for our city.”

Linda has been a Trustee at Mind the Gap since September 2015. Her background of working with disabled young people in the Bradford Youth Service and experience of teaching theatre studies and drama in secondary schools meant that she was delighted to be asked to join the company’s Board. Linda is a member of the People and Home Action Group and Equalities Working Group for Mind the Gap.

Outside of Mind the Gap, Linda has been involved with setting up a community Pop Up Pantry and is developing her skills in creative writing and salsa dancing.