Our People

Paul Bates


Pual Bates with a happy, surprised expression, mid-performance

“I’m a keen performer and love showcasing my skills and experience on stage and screen. I really enjoy facilitating and delivering workshops. Someday, I’d love to be an actor on TV.”

Paul Bates has been an Artist at Mind the Gap since 2016. He has appeared in several Mind the Gap productions, including Contained, ZARA, A Little Space and, most recently, Leave the Light on for Me. Outside of the company, Paul has taken on a number of roles including being cast in Animikii’s 2022 touring show The Kaspar Hauser Experiment. Paul has also received his own funding to R&D a new show about ….

In his spare time, Paul enjoys listening to lots of music, particularly R&B and soul. He loves to watch films, TV series and soaps too.