A Little Space: The Film

Commissioned by The Space, this filmed version of Mind the Gap’s physical theatre co-production with Gecko promises a whole new experience to the stage version which toured theatre venues in 2019/2020.

What does it mean to you to have a little space?

A little space where we can escape the world and be ourselves. Where we can say whatever we want, do whatever we feel and where no one will ever bother us.

But it can be an unpredictable space too, where voices are funnelled away, fears leak through the floorboards, songs light up the room and you never know who’s listening behind the door.

A place where whispers come to life and one kind gesture could change everything.


Watch the Trailer

Like the music from A Little Space? Composer Dave Price has released the Original Soundtrack on Spotify.

Listen by clicking the link below!

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Behind the Scenes

From Stage to Screen

Let co-creators Charli Ward (Mind the Gap) and Rich Rusk (Gecko) tell you more about the transition from stage to screen and what you can expect…

Filming the Show

Film Producer Magnus Dennison and Multi-Camera Director Katja Roberts from Meerkat Films explain some of the techniques and process used in the making of A Little Space: The Film.

Audio Description

Cast member Paul Bates and Vicky Ackroyd of Totally Inclusive People talk about recording the Audio Description for A Little Space: The Film.

Stills from the Film

Show Guides

Show Information

Find out more about A Little Space including information about the producing companies, the story, the characters and what to expect in our Show Information guide. Download using the button below.

Show Information

The Sound World

Discover more about the music and sounds used in A Little Space including information about the composers and how the soundtrack helps to tell the story. Download using the button below.

Sound World
Co-created with Gecko and filmed by Meerkat Films.

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Commissioned by The Space with additional funding from Arts Council England

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