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Mind the Gap is England’s premier learning disability performance and arts company, breaking barriers and celebrating diversity.

At Mind the Gap, we are committed to pushing boundaries, challenging perceptions, and empowering individuals with learning disabilities and autism in the world of performing arts. For over 30 years, we have been at the forefront of advocating for inclusion and diversity in the arts, and we are proud to have paved the way for individuals with learning disabilities and autism to access and excel in the performing arts sector.

Mind the Gap was founded with a vision of providing a platform for individuals with learning disabilities and autism to express themselves, showcase their talents, and participate in the performing arts professionally. We believe that every individual, regardless of their abilities, deserves the opportunity to engage in creative expression and contribute to the cultural fabric of society.

As a pioneering company, we have produced award-winning performances, delivered innovative workshops, and collaborated with renowned artists and organisations to create ground-breaking works of art. Our performances have been showcased on national and international stages, earning critical acclaim, and challenging the status quo of what is possible in the performing arts.

Mind the Gap is working to deliver 3 key strands; Performance & Live Art, Talent Development and Sector Leadership.

Performance & Live Art:

Daring and innovative. At Mind the Gap, we create performances that put people with learning disabilities and autism at the heart of the artistic process. Challenging perceptions and breaking down barriers, our performances showcase the many talents and perspectives of our performers, redefining what’s possible in the arts.

Talent Development:

Nurturing creativity and developing skills. Our Academy offers tailored courses that empower people with learning disabilities and autism to explore their artistic passions. In a safe and supportive environment, we help participants hone their talents and reach their full potential as artists and performers.

Sector Leadership:

Collaboration is key. At Mind the Gap, we actively collaborate with other organisations to create a more inclusive arts sector. We lead by example, advocating for inclusivity and diversity in the arts community, and driving positive change through partnerships and innovation. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism in the arts.

“My sister and I had heard about Mind the Gap’s work with people with learning disabilities including autism, and we went to a few taster sessions together. Mind the Gap welcomed me with open arms and it has really boosted my confidence!”

Alison Colborne

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