Climate Change and Mind the Gap

In a world grappling with the daunting challenges of climate change, it’s become clear that this crisis affects us all. Yet, within this urgent dialogue, there’s a crucial perspective that often goes unheard and unconsidered – the voices of people with learning disabilities and autism. This exclusion from current conversations is not only unjust but also perpetuates a cycle where solutions fail to be practical or inclusive for this community.

We understand that addressing climate change isn’t just about reducing carbon emissions; it’s about fostering a society that truly leaves no one behind. Our mission is to break this vicious cycle by championing the inclusion of learning disabled and autistic voices in the discourse around climate change.

Our work revolves around making these conversations accessible and ensuring that proposed solutions are not only environmentally sound but also feasible and equitable for all, including those with diverse needs. We firmly believe that true progress can only be achieved when everyone is a part of the solution.

Since 2021, Mind the Gap has been tackling the pressing issue of climate change with a special focus on inclusivity. Our commitment to this cause has extended to actively engaging and advocating for the participation of people with learning disabilities and autism in climate-related discussions, solutions and artstic projects.

Coral’s Island and Planet Inspectors

Playful and largely non-verbal, these performances aim to bring climate themes into focus. Coral’s Island features the reinvented fun fair classic, Unhook a Duck hosted by faded beauty Coral and her sidekick Duck. Planet Inspectors introduces five characters who take their job very seriously. Equipped with clipboards and tape measures, they keep an eye on human behaviour and the planet.

Leave the Light on for Me

In the not-too-distant future, when eco rules are in force, two sisters work hard to keep their carbon footprint under control.

When the Planet Inspectors arrive to see how they’re getting on, everything is going well until one mistake means they could be evicted…

The sisters now have two options: pay up to offset their carbon footprint or successfully complete a series of eco challenges.

Will the sisters get to stay or will they face eviction?

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A woman with ginger bobbed hair holds a giant sandwich box in the air. She is about to place it into a black wheelie bin, which is next to a green wheelie bin.

Blog by Nifty Sustainability

What challenges and opportunities exist when it comes to discussing and taking action on climate change?

Can Leave the Light on for Me contribute to amplifying the voices of the learning disabled  and autistic community in discussions about climate change?

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International Touring and Environmental Sustainability with Julie’s Bicycle

We need a blurb about the experience, focused on the learnings (150 words). Were any of the learnings implemented in Birdie’s tour, for example?

Blurb goes here (insert link to Julie’s Bicycle)

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Wild Fast Minds

The International Touring and Environmental Responsibility Project Evaluation Report provides a comprehensive overview of the collaborative efforts between UK-based companies Fast Familiar and Mind the Gap.

This report offers valuable insights into how international collaborations can reshape the way artists work, engage with audiences, and address environmental concerns. The lessons learned in this project have far-reaching implications for the future of the performing arts in the UK and beyond.

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International Society for the Performing Arts Conference

In 2023 MTG shared a panel at ISPA in Manchester, highlighting our strategy for meaningful and sustainable international collaborations. We emphasise the vital role of international exchange within our sector, striving for meaningful and sustainable collaborations.

MTG stands out with a unique approach, prioritising relationship building and knowledge exchange. This involves focusing on fewer locations, fostering deeper connections with venues and organizations. While a complete departure from air travel and cars is often impractical due to accessibility and safety concerns, we maintain our unwavering commitment to minimising our carbon footprint.

Furthermore, we are dedicated to amplifying a diverse range of voices and perspectives, particularly from Learning Disabled and Autistic people. Our accessible information has ignited interest and active participation within this community.

Sustainability lies at the heart of our mission, driving us to do whatever is within our means to contribute to positive change. Our audiences are instrumental in effecting change, and we are determined to make the topic accessible, enabling all, including marginalised communities, to join us on the path toward a more sustainable future.


Birdie is a beautiful show featuring three professional actors with learning disabilities, blending intricate choreography, original music, and captivating object manipulation to tell a powerful story about climate change.

Homie, the main character, travels in an incredible self-contained mobile home. They are determined to make a difference in the face of the daunting climate crisis.

Homie meets Birdie, a new friend struggling to navigate a world filled with plastics and pollution. With Homie’s help they embark on a journey towards freedom and hope, inspiring positive action and encouraging people to stand up for what’s right.

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Charlotte Jones, Alan Clay and Lorraine Brown peforming in Birdie.