Four people (two women and two men) running through a field with trees behind them.

Leave the Light on for Me and Climate Change

“Conversations about the climate crisis are largely confined to the white middle classes. People with learning disabilities and autism are often left out of these conversations along with other community groups.”

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A programme for the Mind the Gap show Paige

Paige: Reflections from Emma Gee

Board Member Emma Gee reflects on Mind the Gap’s Paige photobook, which documents the real life experiences of parents with learning disabilities.

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A group of people stand in a circle, facing each other, slightly crouched with their arms outstretched towards the centre of the circle.

Saturday Morning Youth Dance Sessions

Thanks to funding from Yorkshire Dance, Leeds based inclusive contemporary dance company MeshDance has partnered with Mind the Gap to deliver a series of Saturday morning dance sessions.

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A white man with grey hair and a beard sings into a microphone. He has headphones on and there is a large black dome behind the microphone.

Jez attends a Songwriting Camp

At the end of summer 2021, Artist Jez Colborne attended a week long song writing camp with Tileyard Education. We caught up with him to find out what they got up to.

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Four people sit on chairs. They each have a virtual reality headset and headphones on.

ThickSkin visit Mind the Gap

This week, Performance Academy students welcomed ThickSkin Theatre to Mind the Gap and enjoyed their virtual reality show ‘Petrichor’.

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A white mid twenties man stands in a rooms with windows in the background. He has blonde hair, is wearing thick black rimmed glasses and is wearing a knitted Hollister jumper.

Q&A with Performance Academy Student Theo Griffiths

Performance Academy student Theo Griffiths talks about the return to live activity and what he’s hoping to get out of Mind the Gap’s new three year course, in partnership with York St John University.

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An image of Liam Bairstow - an early thirties white man with downs syndrome. He has dark hair swept across his forehead and is wearing a white t-shirt. he is pictured against a dark background.

Liam Bairstow on Staging Change

Staging Change was created to give artists with learning disabilities like myself more independence and more opportunities outside of the company. It has allowed us to gain work experience, present at conferences and work on events.

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A white woman in a grey blazer and grey bowler hat looks through amagnifying glass pointed just below the camera. She is surrounded by green leaves. The image says the words Summer Unlocked on it.

Climate Change Double Bill at Lister Park, Bradford

As part of Bradford’s Summer Unlocked programme, Mind the Gap will be presenting two free family friendly pop-up performances in Lister Park, Bradford on Sunday 19 and Monday 20 September.

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A dark haired woman with down syndrome wearing a floaty blue top looks towards the ground with her arms in the air against a pink background

Reclaiming Our Space

After a year of dancing in our bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, when we safely returned to our purpose-built studios, we had to re-learn how to be in the space together again.

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