Performance Academy Perform at York St John Dance Trail

Mind the Gap Performance Academy join Theatre & Dance students from York St John University to share a series of site-specific dance performances across the city centre.

In September 2021 Mind the Gap launched its updated and improved Performance Academy training course for adults with learning disabilities and autism. The Performance Academy three year training is based around three main skills: theatre-making, dance and music. All students will be encouraged and supported to develop their understanding and experience in these areas. Some of the performances you will see on today’s dance trail are performed by the first ever cohort of this new course.

Tailored to the needs and interests of students with a learning disability and autism, it’s the most in-depth training experience of its kind in the UK. This new offer builds on Mind the Gap’s experience and success of running training programmes through our Academy since 1998. Some elements of the course are validated through our partnership with York St John University.


Location: The pond outside the Creative Centre

An ordinary day for a duck, but just as extraordinary to watch.

Music: Albatross by Fleetwood Mac



Location: The bench outside the canteen

Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside. Reminiscing on family holidays and times spend relaxing in the warm sun.

Music: Pravasa by RE:LX



Location: The bench outside the Holgate Building

Travelling through swarms of people, just to get to one place. A feeling of waiting and watching, waiting and watching.

Music: Deep Blue Day – Remastered by Brian Eno



Location: The front of the Quad on Lord Mayor’s Walk

An infusion of different cultures, an exploration of Shannon’s identity and a search for freedom.

Music: Chammack Challo by Akon and Hamsika Iyer (instrumental)



Location: The bench in the front of the Quad, on Lord Mayor’s Walk

A tale as old as time, peeping through time and reaching for help. Feeling isolated but finding comfort in stories and words.

Music: Mr Moustafa by Alexandre Desplat



Location: The Quad

Duals of flames, fighting death. An exploration of epic film soundtracks, bringing the battle to intensity of the music to life.

Music: Inheritance by Joel P West


With thanks to

Performance Academy student Theo Griffiths for his support to write the performance synopses.

Elaine Harvey and the York St John team for inviting us to take part in this event.

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