Creative Doodle Book Update

The Creative Doodle Book is like one of those little stars that comes along and shines brightly just when we need it.

An open notebook with text that reads 'Go for a wander around your neighbourhood. Draw a map and label all the things that make you smile.' with a hand-drawn map, drawings, and a collage of photos and letters stuck onto the pages

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected all aspects of our lives, particularly our mental health, our ability to communicate and our human need for social contact. Lots of us have been feeling cut off and isolated but using the Doodle Book has helped to connect people and provide some distraction and sparkle.

The Creative Doodle Book enables people to express themselves creatively, separately and together, regardless of their ability or skill. People who have been involved in the project have told us that it generates a positive effect on mood and general wellbeing.

“Sometimes being a little bit silly does the world of good. This kind of creativity just has a massive positive impact on your wellbeing and your mindfulness.”

We have been amazed by the interest in the Doodle Book and enquiries have come from all over the world including from Denmark, Australia and the USA. In these lockdown times, there seems to be a need for a physical creative resource, which is playful and active.

We have worked with 11 different community groups to date and found some interesting ways to use the activities in the Book. Indepen-dance in Glasgow, a dance company for people with learning disabilities, had four facilitated online sessions with the Doodle Book.  And now they’re distributing 250 Books to people in the community who do not have access to the internet.

200 Books have been despatched to the Culture Box project which provides creative activities in a box for staff and people living with dementia in care homes across the UK. In the next few weeks we are working with a refugee group in Manchester and young people in Edinburgh.

We are keen to share the Creative Doodle Book far and wide so we’ve done another print run while this star is in the ascendance.

For more information about the Creative Doodle Book, email

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