An group of theatre performers with learning disabilities raise their arms on a dark stage

Mind the Gap is looking for a creative and dynamic evaluator

We want to explore shifting power dynamics and systems change through deep community work.

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My Creative Local

My Creative Local Launches with Generous Funding from The National Lottery Reaching Communities

My Creative Local will infuse new vitality into the Manningham area, thanks to funding from The National Lottery Reaching Communities totaling £318,485 over three years.

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One Day Courses Open Day

One Day Courses Open Day 13 March 2024

Are you excited to explore the world of performing arts? Our One Day Courses offer a welcoming opportunity for adults with learning disabilities and autism to unleash their creativity.

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Performance Academy Open Day

Performance Academy Open Day 5 March 2024

Mark your calendars because the Performance Academy Open Day is just around the corner, and you’re cordially invited!

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On the left, an image of Chris Hannon a white middle-aged male dressed as a dame. He is wearing a purple hat that has a cake on top, and a big purple and pink dress that has a gingerbread man on it. On the right, Paul Wilshaw smiles at the camera, he has brown curly hair and is wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt.

Disability and…Pantomimes

This month on the Disability and… podcast, Mind The Gap’s Associate Producer Paul Wilshaw chats with writer and actor Chris Hannon who for the past 13 years has been the Dame in the Wakefield Theatres panto.

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Unveiling the Curtain: A Day at the Performance Academy

Ugh, I cannot believe public transport. The train was cancelled again, but I managed to get the 620 here. Love when you can see the chimney, it means the journey is almost over.


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Julia Skelton MBE

When I received an email saying I’d been nominated for an MBE, I thought it was a hoax!

Since then, I’ve fought off some of the “imposter syndrome” and kind of settled into the idea. I am trying to use what my friend and colleague Joyce Nga Yu Lee calls “the MBE key” to unlock positive change. 

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Unleash Your Creativity: Performance Academy Applications Now Open! 

At Mind the Gap we think EVERYONE should have the right to top quality training in performing arts. We know that mainstream drama school courses aren’t accessible for everyone, so we set out to do something about it.

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Disability and…Playwriting

This month on the Disability and… podcast, Mind the Gap’s Associate Artist Daniel Foulds chats with playwright and activist Leanna Benjamin.

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