Mind the Gap is looking for a creative and dynamic evaluator

We want to explore shifting power dynamics and systems change through deep community work.

An group of theatre performers with learning disabilities raise their arms on a dark stage

Mind the Gap is looking for a creative and dynamic evaluator – individual or organisation – to work with us to design and put into action a responsive evaluation framework and process that helps us monitor, review and understand the value and impact of our new arts and community development programme: My Creative Local.

My Creative Local is a three-year programme born from MTG’s 35+ years experience of making live arts projects alongside learning disabled and autistic artists from our base in the heart of Manningham, Bradford.

We want to explore shifting power dynamics and systems change through deep community work – exploring how co-producing regularly alongside learning disabled and autistic people and their families in Manningham can have lasting change for individuals, our organisation, and on attitudes to learning disability in our community.

You can read more about the project here.

We’re looking for someone to help us:
  • Understand the impact of the programme on the people we will work with.
  • Respond to what we’re hearing and learning so we can best meet people’s needs.
  • Articulate the power and potential of creativity in amplifying marginalised voices to challenge systemic inequality.
  • Track our relationship and partnership building and its impact on our work
  • Share our learning and methodologies to make sure work led by marginalised voices can have an impact on how people think about learning disability.
Project timeline and fee
  • Start Date: June 2024
  • End Date: Estimated end October 2026
  • Fee: approximately £40,000 not including VAT but to include all travel + other expenses

If this sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you. We don’t expect you to have formal or academic qualifications but given the scale of this work, experience of evaluation work on large, multi-stranded arts or community projects is important.

How to apply

We’re asking for expressions of interest at this stage, if we think there’s a good fit, we’ll invite you to spend some time with us in Bradford to see how we work and learn more about the project before submitting a full application.

Please share your CV or a link to your website, and answer the following questions in either:

  • One page of A4
  • 5 minutes of audio or video
  1. Please tell us about you! We want to work with someone as a partner; we’re really interested in who you are, what’s important to you and how you like to work.
  2. We’d like to work with someone interested in the activism side of our work. From your experience, what role can evaluation play in shifting power dynamics and challenging inequality?
  3. We work with an inclusive team and want to embed evaluation methods that are creative, accessible and integral to creative processes. Please tell us how you’d approach this and share some examples of how you’ve worked like this before.

Please email your expression of interest to Maria Thelwell, Head of Engagement – by 5 pm Friday 5th April 2024.

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