Staff - Mind the Gap


Our staff team work together with our ensemble and board of trustees to create, produce and deliver Mind the Gap’s programme of work. Find out who they are, what they do and how to contact them here.

  1. Julia Skelton

    Executive Director
  2. Lisa Mallaghan

    Senior Producer
  3. Joyce Lee

    Resident Director
  4. Charli Ward

    Academy Director
  5. Lesley Davis

    Finance Manager
  6. Ben Pugh

    Senior Production Manager
  7. Deborah Dickinson

    Associate Producer
  8. Rob Abbey

    Audience Development Officer
  9. Jess Boyes

    Business Development Officer
  10. Sheila Emsley

    Finance Officer
  11. Melissa Conyers

    Learning & Participation Coordinator
  12. Lea Turner

    MTG Studios Technician
  13. Chris Singleton

    Associate Artist: Creative Engagement
  14. Karen Bartholomew

    Associate Artist: Dance and Engagement
  15. Bee Skivington

    Associate Artist: Theatre and Engagement
  16. Naelah Shahzad

    Administrative Assistant
  17. Melissa Jackson

    Academy Support Worker
  18. Leah McKelvey

    Academy Support Worker
  19. Monte

  20. Paul Wilshaw

    Assistant Producer (Intern)