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  1. Mia

    Our latest production Mia, which explores the truths and myths about learning disability and parenthood, is touring the country until November 2016.

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  2. Crossing the Line Festival

    In January 2017 in Roubaix (France), Crossing the Line Festival will bring together three leading European learning disability theatre companies. Crossing The Line has been made possible thanks to a grant of €200,000 to deliver this two year small scale co-operation project from the EU Creative Europe fund.

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    Thanks to almost £50,000 funding through Arts Council England's Strategic Touring Fund, CONTAINED will be touring again in 2017.

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“A landmark in Mind the Gap’s artistic development and it significantly redefines what is possible in a theatre ”

— The Stage (Boo)

“Challenging theatre is good theatre, and this production is just that! ”

— The Sentinel (Of Mice & Men)

“It forces us to rethink the dominant narratives around disability, defiantly and joyously trashing any idea of lives diminished and less fully lived and experienced.”

— The Guardian (CONTAINED)

“Most of us live at a shallow level of communication. Contained shows us that it doesn’t have to be this way; that a section of society that is all too frequently stereotyped and regarded in a derogatory fashion, can through openness and honesty, be more intelligent than the crowd.”

— Disability Arts Online (CONTAINED)

“This show knows it’s the small things that happen that tell the biggest truths. It also knows that at the end, the best theatre has you leaving slightly more human for the experience of it.”

— East Anglian Daily Times (CONTAINED)