Mind the Gap Academy

Powerful, bold, award-winning theatre

Learning disabled and non-disabled artists working in partnership. Read about us ›

  1. Productions

    Internationally renowned artist and composer, Jez Colborne, takes you on a journey to beat the Trickster and get back to the people who were left behind.

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  2. Academy

    Mind the Gap’s Academy runs a range of training courses for adults with a learning disability, who want to learn about theatre and different types of performance.

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  3. Fundraising

    We need your help to raise the profile of our wonderful building! We’re aiming to raise £3,000 by the end of March 2015 to help us pay for some much needed signs on our purpose built studios.

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“A landmark in Mind the Gap’s artistic development and it significantly redefines what is possible in a theatre ”

— The Stage (Boo)

“Challenging theatre is good theatre, and this production is just that! ”

— The Sentinel (Of Mice & Men)

“The cast of five delivered spell-binding performances”

— BBC Online Liverpool (Of Mice and Men)