On the left a photo of Daniel Foulds. A white man with black hair, wearing a blue and white checkered shirt. On the right a photo of Mary Cooper in black and white. A white woman with black hair wearing dangly earrings.

Wordsmithery Writing Workshop at Mind the Gap

‘Braving the Page, Taking the Space’ with Mary Cooper and Daniel Foulds on Tuesday 25 July 6.00 – 8.00pm

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Performance Academy Showcase 15 June 2023

Performance Academy Showcase at York St John University

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Performance Academy Perform at York St John Dance Trail

Mind the Gap Performance Academy join Theatre & Dance students from York St John University to share a series of site-specific dance performances across the city centre.

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I'm Me

I’m Me: Identity, Representation and Voice

I’m Me: Identity, Representation and Voice will amplify the voices of learning disabled and autistic artists through creative research.

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Three people shout in different directions with varying exaggerated expressions of rage, confusion and anticipation. They are all wearing black stab vests with the words ‘NO DNR’ stencilled onto the vests in white paint. Jess, a white woman with curly brown hair is in the centre of the image. Her mouth is open and she is looking upwards as she shouts. Charmaine, a light skinned black woman of mixed heritage, is behind Jess to the left of the image. She is wearing a green knitted snood and is looking into the distance with an expression of extreme frustration. Chopin, a white person with long dark brown curly hair and a fringe. She has both of her eyes closed and her mouth is open as she shouts with her head tilted upwards.

Burnt Out In Biscuit Land by Touretteshero 18 & 19 May

A show by disabled people about our right to exist.

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A picture of an old fashioned typewriter. Written over the top is 'Wordsmithery new writing for performance in Bradford'

Wordsmithery Competition

New writing competition for live performance in Bradford.

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A photo of Paul Wilshaw, Melissa Johns and Cherylee Houston smiling at the camera. On the left Melissa stands with blonde hair, wearing blue dungarees and brown boots. Next to her stands Paul with brown curly hair, a white shirt and blue jeans. In front in a wheelchair sits Cherylee wearing a blue zip up hoodie, a blue and black skirt and white shoes. They are standing in a room with posters of theatre shows on the wall behind them.

Disability and…Leadership and Networking with TripleC

This month on the Disability And… podcast, Mind the Gap’s Assistant Producer Paul Wilshaw chats with founders of Bafta-award winning TripleC  and the Disability Artists Network Community (DANC) Cherylee Houston and Melissa Johns.

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MTG supports new Micro-Commission by artist Maddie Morris

Mind the Gap as one of the members of the Collaborative Touring Network, have partnered with arts commissioning body Unlimited, to commission 8 disabled artists nationally, in association with Touretteshero.

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Two photos of the podcast speaker and guest. On the left Paul Wilshaw, a white man with curly brown hair, blue eyes and wearing a blue Hawaiian shirt smiles at the camera. On the right Rob Ewens, a white man with blonde short hair, brown eyes wearing a black top with a picture of the Cheshire Cat in neon colours, smiles at the camera with his right hand in a fist in front of his body.

Disability and…Making a Career in Performance

This month on the Disability And… podcast, Mind the Gap’s Assistant Producer Paul Wilshaw chats with former Mind the Gap artist Rob Ewens.

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