Disability and…Leadership and Networking with TripleC

This month on the Disability And… podcast, Mind the Gap’s Assistant Producer Paul Wilshaw chats with founders of Bafta-award winning TripleC  and the Disability Artists Network Community (DANC) Cherylee Houston and Melissa Johns.

A photo of Paul Wilshaw, Melissa Johns and Cherylee Houston smiling at the camera. On the left Melissa stands with blonde hair, wearing blue dungarees and brown boots. Next to her stands Paul with brown curly hair, a white shirt and blue jeans. In front in a wheelchair sits Cherylee wearing a blue zip up hoodie, a blue and black skirt and white shoes. They are standing in a room with posters of theatre shows on the wall behind them.

He asks them about their careers as actors and how their experiences led to the formation of Triple C and DANC. This podcast contains some strong language.

The transcript for Episode 46 is available here.

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The Disability And…Podcast is a collaboration between Mind the Gap and Disability Arts Online and is edited by Ian Rattray for Clear Voice Enterprises, experts in accessible audio.

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