True Stories from the Heart

Testing testing, my name is Liam, testing, I am 28, testing testing and I live in Bradford, testing.

CONTAINED is a vibrant, compelling and personal production. Nine interwoven true stories about family and friendships, love and loss, the everyday and the extraordinary.

The head teacher looked at me and said “I’m afraid you have to leave this school. There is no place for you here.”

Combining live performance, film, photography, music and dance, CONTAINED explores those small moments in life that suddenly become meaningful: moments that teach us about ourselves, and the world that we live in.

I left a part of me at Seacroft hospital that day.

Created in collaboration with Alan Lyddiard (Artistic Director of the Performance Ensemble and former Artistic Director of Northern Stage) and Denis Darzacq (award winning French Photographer and Filmmaker).

“It forces us to rethink the dominant narratives around disability, defiantly and joyously trashing any idea of lives diminished and less fully lived and experienced.” – Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

Alongside the performances of CONTAINED is a series of workshops, performances and activities aimed at sharing and advancing learning disability arts.

Upcoming Dates

Date Venue Details
25 May 2017 The Lowry, Salford Studio Book now
27 May 2017 Mittenmang Festival Bremen, Germany Book now
8 & 9 June 2017 Square Chapel Centre for the Arts, Halifax Theatre Book now

Past Performances

Date Venue Details
6 May 2017 Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne 7:45pm
5 May 2017 Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne 7:45pm
5 May 2017 Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne 1:30pm
4 May 2017 Northern Stage, Newcastle upon Tyne 7:45pm
11 March 2017 West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds 7:45pm
11 March 2017 West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds 2:30pm
10 March 2017 West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds 7:45pm
26 January 2017 La Condition Republique, Roubaix, France 8:30pm
24 January 2017 La Condition Republique, Roubaix, France 7pm
16 April 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford 7:30pm
15 April 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford 7:30pm
14 April 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford 1pm
24 March 2016 The Albany, Deptford 7:30pm
23 March 2016 The Albany, Deptford 7:30pm
09 February 2016 New Wolsey theatre, Ipswich 7pm
26 January 2016 Gulbenkian, Canterbury 7:30pm
25 January 2016 Gulbenkian, Canterbury 7:30pm
22 January 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford 7:30pm
22 January 2016 MTG Studios, Bradford 1pm
20 November 2015 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 1pm
19 November 2015 Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton 7:30pm
22 October 2015 ARC, Stockton 1pm
21 October 2015 ARC, Stockton 7pm
17 October 2015 MTG Studios, Bradford 7:30pm
16 October 2015 MTG Studios, Bradford 1:30pm & 7:30pm


Press & Media


“This is an unmissable production and one which is incredibly well done, and well received by the audience from beginning to end.”

Dawn Smallwood – The Reviews Hub: Read the review!


“It’s encouraging that major producing houses are programming work by learning-disabled artists and providing space for symposium discussions linked to the shows. It brings the work and the conversations surrounding them into environments where there is the opportunity to usefully continue to disrupt and shift the status quo.”

Kate Lovell – Disability Arts Online: Read the article!


“It forces us to rethink the dominant narratives around disability, defiantly and joyously trashing any idea of lives diminished and less fully lived and experienced.”

Lyn Gardner – The Guardian: Read the review!


“Some of the tales relayed are heart-warmingly wonderful and life affirming… All are raw, unmasked, true emotion that can only come from a a place of vulnerability and are testimony to the security that this group of people find in their colleagues at Mind the Gap.”

Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe – A Clock in a Thunderstorm: Read the review!


“This show knows it’s the small things that happen that tell the biggest truths. It also knows that at the end, the best theatre has you leaving slightly more human for the experience of it.”

Jackie Montague – East Anglian Daily Times: Read the review!


“Most of us live at a shallow level of communication. Contained shows us that it doesn’t have to be this way; that a section of society that is all too frequently stereotyped and regarded in a derogatory fashion, can through openness and honesty, be more intelligent than the crowd.”

Colin Hambrook – Disability Arts Online: Read the review!


“Reflecting on Mind the Gap’s latest production, Contained, which tells the personal stories of its performers, Allan Sutherland argues that work which reflects disabled people’s experience of disability is essential to counter non-disabled narratives and assumptions.”

Allan Sutherland – Disability Arts Online: Read it here!


“Performer Paul Wilshaw reflects on what it has been like putting himself centre stage for Mind the Gap’s new touring show, CONTAINED, in an illuminating behind-the-scenes account of this unique production.”

Paul Wilshaw – Disability Arts Online: Read it here!

Comments & Reviews

  • Judith Brindle

    Thank you for sharing your stories. What a journey to have got to where you all are now. So successful and confident.

  • Wilma Nichol

    Just loved all the different aspects of it and how relaxed the actors were under such pressure.

  • Maria Thelwell

    I loved the contemporary feel of it, I loved the unique approach. Full of integrity.

  • Judith Hargreaves

    Really well put together and flowing.

  • Stella Kane

    Pulls on your heartstrings, truly beautiful with such wonderful people. Real eye-opener and warming to know you’re not on your own. Thank you.

  • Kate Eveleigh

    I enjoyed the use of the musical instruments. Huge respect for the cast for sharing personal stories.

  • Maria Spadaforn

    Can see how much work has gone into this. What a brilliant and talented bunch of people. Loved it!

  • Billy Hickling

    Superb ensemble work. Honest, visceral, emotional, connective and awesome!

  • John Peet

    A really creative performance from a clearly committed group. A big well done.

  • Maureen Capper

    Inspirational, entertaining, remarkable and compelling!

  • Anne Salter

    Felt like it was only 2 mins long. Totally awesome.

  • Daniel Mundet

    Fantastic performance, the combination of video with the really nice framing/scenes was excellent.

  • Liane Langdon

    Great cue timing, Jez’s voice is really engaging. Really well balanced between the voices and the narratives.

  • Diana Winter

    Please do more. Excellent performance.

  • Anna Lewis

    The best show i have seen in a very long time!
    Loved the music, dance and thank you all for sharing your stories.

  • Ailie Kolbohm

    What a great bunch of talented individuals. What an inspiration!!
    Keep up the good work guys.

  • Maria Spadafora

    Can see how much work has gone into this.What a brilliant and talented bunch of people. Loved it!

  • Natalie Davies

    What an absolute pleasure to have shared the room with such an amazing and talented cast.
    Thank you-Speechless!!!

  • Kim Abbey

    Enjoyed very much, so much talent!!

  • Lizzie Wharton

    Loved it!

  • Katie Aynsley

    Inspiring, heartwarming and confident.

  • Matthew Evens

    I like watching performances where the skills of the performers are utilised to their fullest. In narrative, society has a lot to learn. More please…

  • Phil Boughton

    A poignant in sight into the lives of some truly inspirational people.

  • Rebekah Smith

    Loved the fact it was personal stories.

  • Sally Proctor

    So ridiculously happy that theatre like this amazing is being made and I saw it.
    Thank you!

  • Ann Ellis

    There should be a lot more shows like this, very entertaining.

  • Elizabeth Stanforth-Sharpe

    So different to other work i’ve seen from MTG, but a real sense of having paused taken stock, breathed in deeply and coming back with deeper inner truth and enjoyment.
    Fabulous energy.

  • Gill Kent

    There really are no words!!!

  • Jack Heaton(The Dukes Theatre)

    There is an audience for this show. There are audiences for this show. Contemporary venues such as BAC, CPT, Lancaster Arts etc. SHOULD jump at the chance to programme it.

  • Tess Beazley

    I loved it, especially the dance!

  • Tori Hryniw

    ‘THE’ most moving show I have seen for a long time.

  • Sheila Lintott

    It was fantastic. I am here in Bradford and this has been the highlight of my trip!
    Thank you!!

  • Diane Gray

    Fantastic performance from everyone. Well done.
    Good luck on your tour.

  • Ruth Yeoman

    All the best for the tour.

  • Kieran Dixon

    As someone on the autistic spectrum (very minor), I truly enjoyed it.


    Phenomenal, Brilliant, Unforgettable.

  • Reece Durham

    Heart-warming, life changing and incredible.

  • Joseph Dowie

    It shone a more positive light on those less fortunate.

  • Bill Bennett

    It gives you a sense of hope for the future.

  • Lydia Boyers

    The whole team worked well together displaying some amazing talent.

  • Denise Wilkinson

    Great how all the girls and boys worked together as a team. Well choreographed and performed.

  • Anthony Haddon

    It will go far. You’re all so personable on stage.

  • Jody Williams

    Very well put together.

  • Amanda Munro

    Absolutely bloody fantastic!
    I would be amazed if a TV channel such as BBC didn’t want to pick it up and screen it.

  • Darryl Smith

    I haven’t seen anything like this before.Thank you for giving so much of yourselves!

  • C Burrows

    It reminded me to be myself.

  • Pamela Kelly

    It was absolutely incredible and one of the most professional shows I’ve seen.

  • Jack Gunnon

    It was moving and emotional.

  • David Humphery

    Amazing standard show, which shows that anyone can do anything.

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoyed the show. it was very moving at times listening to the actor’s stories.

  • Raj

    I watched it last night, it gave me confidence to stand up for ur right. I loved “I’m me that’s who I am ” and “judge and jury” plus it’s nice to see how much they enjoy performing. Keep making people smile, Raj.

  • Anonymous

    A breath-taking piece of work. Unforgettable – will stay with me. My favourite comment that I overheard was “It makes me so happy inside!”

  • Nan Flavell

    So wonderful to see young people with disabilities showing they can support each other to achieve so much!
    A privilege to watch you! Thank you.

  • Carol Groves

    A privilege to see so many wonderful, talented young people – multi-talented and cohesive. A real ‘eye-opener’. Thank you

  • Beckie Nicklin

    Original and inspirational. I found it very moving. The cast were a pure joy, full of confidence. Very well done, a talented group. I would come again to watch you.

  • Dana Harris

    It’s meaning was so evident. Inspirational and heartwarming journey.

  • Anonymous

    You presented an engaging piece of theatre. Performed by talented people enjoying their work.

  • Donna Clifford

    Brilliant performances from all the actors. Direction was low key and un-intrusive. Stories are humbling.

  • Penny Clarke

    I loved the music and the script.

  • Katrina Calvin

    I found it very moving; unlike any play I have
    ever seen. I really enjoyed it. The sky is the limit.

  • Anonymous

    It made me want to learn to play the drums!!
    Seriously, a talented group of performers. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Philip Tilstone

    A very moving and humbling show. A great credit to all involved.

  • Dr Christina Tilstone

    Innovative and mind- blowing. It was very good.

  • Charlotte Wiley

    Moving + original. Fantastic memorable
    music. Never seen anything quite like it
    but want to see more!!

  • Anonymous

    I found the stories compelling.
    I thought the keyboard player/composer was inspiring and as a musician I wish I
    could write songs to that level!

  • Nick Wiley

    Really – Just brilliant. Moving, engaging,
    entertaining and musically pleasing. Hope to see you all again!!

  • Andrew Jemmett

    Fascinating piece. Thought-provoking. Unlike anything I have seen before.

  • Martin Stanforth-Sharpe

    Well organised and thought out performance.

  • Jenny Harris

    It felt genuine and ensemble-led.

  • Anonymous

    Loved every minute. It was inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    Tremendous honesty and vitality – totally inspirational.

  • Anonymous

    I am so glad I came. Have had a wonderful evening watching some very talented people and I didn’t expect this.

  • Thomas Chalk

    A privilege to hear people’s stories.

  • Hami Shahzad

    The show was brilliant, I have not seen anything like it before and am leaving very happy, entertained, surprised and inspired.

  • Sue Steward

    Well-rehearsed, talented and wonderful evening. Thank you.

  • Greig Mill

    The best thing I have ever seen.

  • Anonymous

    I particularly enjoyed the musical talents.

  • Tony Bower

    It was a great performance from all the cast. I know how hard it is to stand up in front of people.
    Good Luck to everyone in the future.

  • Peter Olden

    Well organised and presented.

  • Anonymous

    The music and the way it was presented was fantastic.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed it all.

  • David Skivington

    It was a fantastic piece, telling beautiful and moving stories in a creative way.

  • Havaa Shahzad

    It was brilliant!

  • Naelah Shahzad

    It was so inspirational and emotional. Loved the humour.

  • Jenny Smith

    Everyone should go to a ‘Mind The Gap’ performance!

    It will open their eyes to so many aspects of life – and how to make the most of whatever talents they have.

  • Anonymous

    You are all excellent!

  • Anonymous

    What a wealth of talent. A must see show, better than any blockbuster.

  • Anonymous

    Liam’s performance was the best thing to me.
    I love Liam’s talking about the TV film.

  • Charlotte Jones

    I loved everything about it. I loved everyone. It was very moving and incredibly made. Bless you.

  • Anonymous

    The show was so good; I cried a couple of times!

  • Julie Wood

    Really well put together.

  • Anonymous

    I just enjoyed the whole thing from start to finish. It really felt like you were part of the acting team. Many thanks for a memorable experience.

  • Anonymous

    I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

  • Andrea Paoletti


  • Anita Meyer

    Thought it was moving, entertaining and thought provoking. Great music.

  • Aida Malonic

    Wonderful show and performances. Fantastic!

  • Cheryl Ives

    I loved the interaction between performers and the various art/music forms.

  • Chloe Trainor

    I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was funny, insightful, full of integrity and heart. There absolutely needs to be more shows like it.

  • Stewart Carolan Evans

    Do more, I need my eyes opened to this.

  • Beth James

    I brought members of our theatre group along to see the show (who are learning disabled) and we found it so inspiring! Thank you : )

  • Caz Dyer

    Loved it!

  • Anonymous

    Profoundly touched-personal stuff.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it, huge congratulations to everyone involved for such an amazing show.

  • Martin Alden

    Best tunes I have heard in a show for a long time.

  • Tina Carter

    Thoroughly enjoyed the mixed media, the diversity in the performances, style, voices and stories.

  • Niamh Lynam-Cotter

    I loved it!

    I was sad I couldn’t always see the screens!

    The gender balance was interesting.

  • John Barcham

    Each with a sad story.
    A brave bunch to break out in this way. Most enjoyable, well done to each of them.
    Hope they come back another time.

  • Amanda Rackley

    I was so glad to have been here – I wouldn’t have wanted to miss this!

  • Micaela Beatson

    Inspiring, Relevant & Sensitive.

  • Sally Wright

    Will be singing the song “I’m me, it’s who I am” all the way home.

  • Anonymous

    It was so welcoming.

  • Esther Nevell

    Thank you so much!
    I appreciated your personal stories and courage. You were all amazing. It was awesome!

  • Hannah Turner


  • Anonymous

    Very good teamwork!
    Love the videos.

  • Anonymous

    You are incredible artists who support each other well.

  • Rosemary Barcham

    A real eye opener and a joy to see people having the confidence to overcome their difficulties.

  • Naomi Hutchinson

    I enjoyed hearing other peoples’ perspectives on life events, especially people who wouldn’t typically get that platform.

  • Clara Padden

    Found this performance captivating, moving and inspirational. What an incredibly talented cast.

  • Anonymous

    The whole company showed complete trust and collaboration, which influenced emotive responses.

  • Anonymous

    I loved the mixture of testimony, music, video etc.

  • Maria Kourellias

    Captivated by the talent. Emotionally overwhelming.

  • Haya Kalechtlan

    I was deeply touched by the stories told by the actors.

  • Georgia Goldsmith

    It broke down conversational barriers, It was expertly said.

  • Anonymous

    Thought it was very thought provoking and enjoyed it immensely.

  • Steve O’Connor

    Carry on being you, I loved the video!

  • Simone Bennett-Crump

    I feel so lucky to have had the chance to see you guys perform and have a chance to understand your lives.
    I hope to see more and good luck to Mind The Gap in the future.

  • Jessica Coomber

    It was amazing and impressive. Loved the concept and how honest the performance was.

  • Robyn Butler

    I’ve never seen theatre like it and as a 4th year drama student, I will look out for your work in the future.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent work, it’s really inspiring to see!

  • Kryss Lawrance

    Thank you – an incredible performance with a great ‘feel good factor!’

  • Anonymous

    A sustained performance by a cast working in harmony.

  • Anonymous

    Wonderful Performance.

  • Dinka Alden

    Loved it. Loved them. Loved the music.

  • Nicki Dawson

    I loved the mix of true stories, mixed with music, expression and performing arts.

  • Karen Carolan-Evans

    Mixed emotions…Mostly, I admire you all for your honest portrait, and inspirational bravery.

  • Martin Higgs

    Didn’t know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it. Talented bunch of youngsters.

  • Matt White

    It takes a lot of guts to get up on a stage in the first place, but to get on a stage and share our stories takes even more.

  • Lucy Woods

    The performers were incredible!
    So confident, even when telling personal and emotional stories. The music was also amazing.
    Very inspiring!

  • Anonymous

    Loved the simple set, focus was completely on the performers.

  • Anonymous

    Really enjoyed it. Was impressed by the total involvement and professionalism of all the actors.

  • Debra Denne

    Very good, it’s entertaining and very heart-warming.

  • Sam Ashby

    More please!
    Dramatic scenes and inspiring.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the use of media. Brilliant, funny and inspiring. I would pay double next time.

  • Ed Bromwich

    Very creative, was not expecting musical instruments and songs. Very inspired and I’m glad I came to this performance.

  • Anonymous

    I was riveted throughout: a brilliant mix of genres, stories, heartbreak and joy.
    Thank you!

  • Anonymous

    An excellent piece of theatre. I found it incredibly moving and not because the performers are learning disabled but because the themes, ideas and stories are universally applicable. It made me think-we should all strive to feel ‘excited, lucky and grateful’ about something; however large or small.

  • Lily Vincent-Frankland

    I was thoroughly entertained and over-whelmed by the talent!

  • Sara Rowland

    Loved the music, one of the best things I have seen. Everyone was so talented.

  • Sarah Montgomery

    Loved it!
    Everyone should see it.

  • Mandy Stewart

    More! More! More!

  • Abby Baker

    It’s amazing!
    It’s the best show I have seen in years. Congratulations to you all. This show has to travel around the UK helping people be aware.

  • Susan Gardner


  • Anonymous

    It was cool.

  • Dan Baltadonis

    I enjoyed learning about the cast’s backgrounds.

  • Liz Golding

    I want to see it again.

  • Anonymous

    I was very touched by the stories – very brave.

  • Eva Parkinson

    I work for a charity that provides friendship and learning opportunities for adults with Learning Disabilities. I found the show extremely relatable and inspiring. Our members of staff would love it!

  • Eweline Szczudlak

    Should be shown in schools as a discussion topic.
    As it could be related to bullying and achieving.
    High school children should come and see you!

  • Rachel Hartley

    I loved the different aspects; film, speech, music and dance.

  • Theo Clarke

    The low-key opening was a powerful introduction to a thought-provoking show. I am left with a sense of love, friendship and family.

    Please come back!

  • Rachael Janes

    Everyone should see this show, great for equality and diversity. We are all the same and deserve the same respect.

  • Emma Race

    The music was phenomenal.

    I loved the beat boxing, singing, drumming and keyboard playing. I will be singing, “It’s me” all the way home and into next week.

  • Sylvia Parcell

    It showed how music is a totally inclusive COMMON language and a wonderful means of communication to everyone.

  • Gill Brigg


  • Sue Fry

    It was pure accident that I’m in the area today and really thankful that I am.
    It was wonderful to hear stories, to see skills, humour, care for one another so humbly but positively presented.

    I could watch it all again NOW!

  • Ros Lucas

    I’ve worked as a nurse with people with learning disabilities here for years and stress that there is no such thing as normal anyway – who are we, with all our differences to say so. The genuine quality of you all is humbling (and often amusing!)

  • Rowan Woodward

    I loved the beat boxing!

  • Linda Green

    Thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Chloe Marks

    You all broke my heart a little; you were all beautiful & wonderful performers.
    Thank you so much!

  • Merv Green

    An emotional performance.

  • Anonymous

    I loved it.

  • Maria Beaumont

    More please and often!
    It was the best show I’ve been to in ages.

  • Anonymous

    Great show. Enjoyed hearing all the stories.

  • Anonymous

    Would love to see this with young people from Suffolk.

  • Judith Johnson

    I saw the show last night and I loved it. Thankyou Mind The Gap, you cheered me up x x x

  • Bethany Jones

    Incredibly well choreographed, put together with such care. Drawn in from start to finish.

  • John Benton

    Wonderful music, intriguing stories of real life.

  • Tara Quinn

    Really loved it. It was something different but very personal in terms of hearing all the members stories!!
    I think the song should be the Channel 4 song for the Paralympics in Rio!

  • Nicky Chambers

    It should be everywhere!
    Please go to the Unicorn Theatre & show younger audiences as well as older audiences.

  • Paul Cowell

    This made me live the individual experiences of all the people; regardless of who or what they might be.

  • Victoria Hogg

    I loved the ownership of process through the setting up while the audience watched. I loved the multi-media and the complexity of intention.

  • Steve Wakem

    Brilliant experience, want to return tomorrow night.

  • Chris Benstead

    The generosity of the performers was heart warming.

  • Anonymous

    It was an honest performance that gave the audience a glimpse into the human condition.

  • Anonymous

    The music was excellent!

  • Danny Moltrasi

    Fantastically put together and complicated!

  • Anonymous

    I loved the idea of the concept – elements of a music video coming together.
    The songs were great!

  • Terri Jacobson

    Everyone involved was fantastic- you made me think about my own story and I am so glad, I came.
    Thank you for a brilliant performance.

  • Tessa Longbottom

    Thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you for sharing such personal stories.

  • Anonymous

    I liked how each performer brought their individual skills & personality to the piece.

  • Judith Johnson

    It was fascinating to hear these stories.

  • Anonymous

    This has really inspired me as a carer.

  • Anonymous

    Thoroughly enjoyed the mixture of stories plus overall technical aesthetics.

  • Anonymous

    A wonderful, intimate show. Something everyone should see, especially those who have not had contact with disability arts before.
    Thank you!

  • Jade Sempare

    I really liked the hard message it gave off. I believe that all people should be accepted no matter what.

  • Theresa Bastin

    Some parts made me cry, But I loved every minute of the show. Thank you for making your show.

  • Anonymous

    Inspiring. I could watch it all over again. Left me wanting more (in a good way!).

  • Sattar Qureshi

    All of them, they did very very good.

  • Nicola Irvine

    I loved all the music!

  • Anonymous

    I loved it. It was so simple and beautiful.

  • Mandy Stewart

    My third time – better and better. Important! Has to be shared with many, many people.

  • Kate Turvey

    They were all as good as any actor/ singer/ dancer/ performer.

  • Simon Watson

    I liked the way everything fitted together so well and everyone had a voice.

  • Julie Watson

    I loved the choreography & music. I liked the STRONG women!
    It made me feel that I could say “I’m ME, that’s who I am!”, too with pride.

  • Freddie Errington

    Thought the music was excellent!

    Will be singing the song all weekend.

  • Fiona Johnstone

    Loved the music, especially the grooves on the bass!

  • Greg Brown

    Sharing of personal stories combined with music/dance worked well.

  • Emma Eelwyn

    I would have liked subtitles for the whole show. I liked how the setting up was part of the show and that we were shown video footage during the break & costume change.

  • Dayo Kole

    It was a good show and it was a lot to learn as well. It taught me to never give up.

  • David Munns

    I thought the music was exceptional. They could have had a little more drama, but I enjoyed it all the same.

  • Elaine Wellington

    The cast were wonderful; the story of each actor was interesting. The key to their stories were quite moving.

  • Lols Aldington

    Release “It’s Me”!

    It’s one of the catchiest choruses of all time. Really took a lot of guts to stand up and tell personal stories, feel privileged.

  • Peter Brown

    I have Aspergers, so I connected with their stories but it made me think back to my childhood (similar stories). I felt a more uplifting song in the end would have made me feel good.

  • Leonie Elliott Graves

    I felt invited to get to know the performers/characters and felt embraced. I felt I learnt from them about life in a community other than my own.

  • Jasmine Raymond

    I thought the use of music was very engaging.

  • Fran

    Interesting and insightful.

  • Liam Powell

    We have to do a presentation on Mind The Gap, specifically this play and it was amazing. The performers were brilliant. A massive thank you to Lisa for helping us out.

  • Seonaid Munro

    EVERYBODY needs to see this!!!
    The music and acts were amazing.

  • Mark Ward

    I love the show, It’s great. I love all the microphones and everyone working together!
    I love I’m Me, Jez is a great singer!
    I’ve seen the show 4 times now!!!

  • Jenny Wilson

    Loved it!

    Would love to see more of your work.

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time I have seen a Mind The Gap performance and I will definitely be back. I try and go to the theatre as often as I can afford and this is the best thing I have seen in a long time. Absolutely brilliant.

  • Anonymous

    It was unlike anything that I’ve ever seen and I loved every minute. This is the kind of show more people need to see.

  • Thomas Byrne

    Watching ‘CONTAINED’ is a wonderful experience. It is wonderful to see a performance where individuals do not need to hide behind sets, costume and characters. Honest yet inventive storytelling that was humorous and emotional in equal measure.

    Thank you for a truly memorable experience.

  • Cllr Richard Dunbar

    Loved the use of different performance methods. It kept the audience entertained!
    Awesome effort MTG!
    I look forward to future shows and support you however I can.

  • Sarah Bennett

    I thoroughly enjoyed and felt privileged to be allowed into your worlds’ todays. You taught me so much about myself as well as you!

  • Tony Johnson

    Please do more!

  • Anne Mcneill

    I loved the music, the photographs, the stories – all the best balance between moving, funny, touching and ordinary.

  • Aina Khan

    I had no idea that Mind The Gap existed in my area. I’m totally blown away. I learnt such a great deal, fabulous production!

  • Kath Smith

    Amazing to be able to pull it all together so seamlessly with a key player missing today.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you, it was really moving.

  • Kaitlin McNulty

    Would happily come and watch the show again. So good!

    Once again, Mind The Gap brought a tear to my eye and moved me- inspiring, not sad.
    Love the atmosphere and professionalism. It is like family.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t believe how moved I felt during the performance, both by the actors ability and what they had to say about their lives.

  • Jenny Eells

    I thought it was really raw, honest and brave.
    I was sad not to see the musical director in action. But I loved the songs and the actors were brilliant!


  • Paula Horton

    I loved it!
    Thank you.

  • Sarah Bowes

    Yes! The show was so good because it was creative. Get well soon Jez Colborne.

  • Pete Huntley

    Really enjoyed the performance and stories. Good coping with the technical difficulties. Enjoyed the format of the show and how it was presented. Enjoyed the integration of music and how it related to performers lines.

  • Sam Humphery

    You really achieved something special, Never letting the audience lose themselves in anything other than joining in with your lives and performances.

    Just fantastic contemporary work, loved it!

  • Rebecca Norton

    Really interesting and enjoyable. Not watched anything like this before but look forward to seeing more.

  • Veronica McGuirk

    Superb show of individuality.
    Expressions of freeness to be seen and to be appreciated.

  • Hannah Weatheill

    I thought it was wonderful. I think it should be compulsory viewing to help towards eliminating prejudice and judgement of people.

  • Anonymous

    Fabulous show – should go to as many venues as possible.


  • Lynn Williams

    A big Congratulations to the whole cast. It has been a pleasure to see how the show has grown and got better.

  • Anonymous

    The cast and the background staff have put on a magnificent show and it has been inspiring.

    Hope to see another show, it was beautiful!

    A wonderful experience.

  • John

    Second time for me – This show has matured in a wonderful way. The performances are assuring and more harmonised without losing any of the spontaneity and honesty.

  • Julia Barnes

    A well-structured piece, which gave real insight. Excellent blend of music and speech.

  • Ian Rossin

    It gets better with age. A timeless truth, we should all see and let change us!

  • Mary Doyle

    First time I’ve seen MTG in a studio, will be back.

  • Amanda Munro

    Loved it!
    I saw it earlier but it seems organic in that it changes and improves.
    “I’m Me!”, should be released as a single.

  • Robin Johnson

    Very moving to hear the personal experiences of cast performers – they have risen above some difficult circumstances. The show was well constructed, lively and engaging. It was a real privilege to share in such a community performance.

  • Callum Lumb

    I would come again to see another show. I really enjoyed it.

  • Bridget Lumb

    I would definitely come to another show in the future and suggest other friends to come along too.

  • Tessa Lightowler

    Paul’s story is sad. I feel very sad about it. Liam’s story was funny, it made me laugh.

  • Anonymous

    I found the show very thought provoking. It might even have helped me to be a little more self-accepting – not an easy thing sometimes!

  • Anonymous

    What a fabulous group of people. It was very moving and enjoyable.

  • Michelle Robertshaw

    Enjoyed the show. It was a really good show. Liam from Coronation Street was excellent. I really enjoyed everything about the show.

  • Anonymous

    Loved the stories, music & songs.

  • Seth Jenkinson

    The company seems to be going from strength to strength.


    I am very proud to be apart of a huge show and I would love do more touring