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Stig of the Dump (2011)

Clive King’s Stig of the Dump Retold by Mike Kenny, performed across the UK in 2011.

An enchanting tale of a unique friendship: Stig wears rabbit-skins, has his own language and uses empty tin cans for a chimney. In his world the outsider is king, nothing is wasted and a dump is filled with endless delights.

Barney has scuffed shoes, grazed knees and dirty fingernails, in his world anything is possible, the mundane becomes magical, summer holidays last forever and the sky is as big as his imagination.

Join Stig and Barney on their delightful adventure as puppetry and performance turn rubbish into something real, change scrap into scenery and make garbage gorgeous!

The retelling of this classic story by Olivier Award winner Mike Kenny captivates, inspires and excites everyone aged 8+.

2011 Tour

For it’s 2011 tour, Stig was performed at venues across the UK including The Carriageworks in Leeds, Arena Theatre in Wolverhampton, The Albany in London, The Tobacco Factory in Bristol and Live Theatre in Newcastle upon Tyne to name a few.

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