Daughters of Fortune

Daughters of Fortune is an exciting new project exploring learning-disability and parenthood.

It is a project about humanity, of human experience. It aims to resonate with everybody, with or without a disability. Everybody was a child, everybody has a mother, every body has a belly button to prove it.

The issue of learning disability parenthood is complex. Medical experts, geneticists, social workers, council officers and advocates have all been involved in the creation of Daughters of Fortune. The most important people involved however are the learning-disabled parents who have kindly shared their real life stories with us.

The Daughters of Fortune Family includes three major productions:

The Daughters of Fortune Family will continue to grow over the next 18 months so keep checking back here to follow the development of the project.


Fast moving, raw and eye-opening, Mia reveals the truth about learning disability and parenthood in today’s society. Mia challenges the often taken for granted idea of ‘being a parent’.

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