Liam Bairstow - Resident Artist - Mind the Gap

Liam Bairstow – Resident Artist

Interviewed 2014

Joining Mind the Gap has really boosted my confidence and has helped me grow as a performer. I wouldn’t mind being a Dingle in Emmerdale!

I first learnt about Mind the Gap through my teacher at Southfield School and immediately wanted to get involved as I love singing, dancing and acting. I  joined in 2009 through its Making Theatre course which gives you a really good start into what you need to know and do to be a performer.

Now I’m 26, I’ve been involved in loads of things from performing in workshops to going out on my first national tour – Treasure Island. I had to play 6 different roles in the show, which at times could be really challenging from remembering the different character’s lines to managing loads of costume changes! I loved being on tour with my fellow actors and friends Alan and JoAnne. The audience really liked Ben Gunn, the character who had been marooned on the island – they really liked his lines as they were funny – ‘I want some cheeeeeeese!’.

When I’m not at Mind the Gap I keep busy by helping my Uncle in his local pub, collecting glasses. I know the locals quite well and some of them come to see me perform.

I would really like to concentrate on singing as well as my acting; I would love to sing with the two Irresistible singers Lisa and Joyce in a gig or show.

I could never imagine leaving Mind the Gap, but if I did I would love to be on TV. I remember when ITV’s Katherine Kelly visited Mind the Gap to congratulate our director Tim on the success of the company so I would love to be on ITV, maybe playing a Dingle in Emmerdale!

Mind the Gap is a great place for those with a disability who want to get into acting, dancing or singing. They are really supportive and teach you how to be a professional.

Liam Bairstow – Resident Artist