Talley Gale – International Placement USA - Mind the Gap

Talley Gale – International Placement USA

Undertaken May 2013

 Mind the Gap is the most vibrant theatre company I’ve ever encountered!

I was introduced to Mind the Gap by Theatre of the Oppressed NYC’s Artistic Director Katy Rubin. I came here to experience first hand how theatre can be used as a tool for social change in an environment, which understood that I still had a lot to learn.

As an acting student, I learned so much from the uninhibited, fearlessly creative, and strikingly present actors and students. I also came away with a better understanding of how the logistics of this kind of an organisation work.

For those looking to do a placement here, I would say to come ready to encounter all sorts of personalities. Don’t focus so much on how you can learn, but rather focus on how you can help others learn; you’ll learn far more yourself than you ever dreamed.

Talley Gale – International Placement (June 2013)