CONTAINED - Collaborators



Mind the Gap is working alongside many talented collaborators to create CONTAINED. Find out more about them here!

Alan Lyddiard – Director

Alan is the Artistic Director of the Performance Ensemble and former Artistic Director of Northern Stage. He is interested in exploring the spaces in between Community, Amateur and Professional Arts, taking the best aspects of all three of them. Read Alan’s story here

Denis Darzacq – Photographer and Film-maker

Denis’s work demonstrates exceptional skill in capturing the essence of his subjects in beautiful and unusual moments. He met Mind the Gap in 2011, taking pictures of MTG ensemble performers for his exhibition Act. Find out more about Denis here

Emilie Flower - Collaborating film maker

Emilie is a film maker and multi media artist, with a particular focus on video portraiture and storytelling. She has worked internationally as a community video artist for the past 15 years and works locally in video design for theatre and rights based groups, including Mind the Gap’s latest production, Daughters of Fortune.

Jez Colborne – Composer

Jez Colborne has written original music for CONTAINED. He’s a gifted and versatile composer, musician and performer. Jez is lead artist on some of Mind the Gap’s most iconic productions (Irresistible and Gift). Read Jez’s story here

Si McGrath – Music Producer

Si has been a close collaborator of Mind the Gap since 2005 when he created the sound design for Jez Colborne’s On the Verge. He has since worked as Mentor to Jez and as a sound designer and music producer on many projects. Read Si’s story here

CONTAINED: The Performance

Nine interwoven true stories about family and friendships, love and loss, the everyday and the extraordinary.

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