Jez Colborne and the Mind the Gap Band in the Recording Studio - Mind the Gap

Jez Colborne and the Mind the Gap Band in the Recording Studio

22 September 2017

This week, Jez Colborne and the Mind the Gap Band started the process of recording a 4-song EP (Extended Play).

The band worked with one of Mind the Gap’s long-standing music producers Si McGrath (Irresistible, Trickster, CONTAINED) to record the vocals and each instrument’s individual part at MTG Studios in Bradford.

The band then moved to Eiger Studios in Leeds to record Zara’s drum parts in a proper recording studio. Producer Si said Zara was ‘on it like a car bonnet’ from the word go, with one member of the team remarking that the drums were ‘tighter than a camel’s bottom in a sandstorm’!! The session was a great success and we even had time to record a few gang vocals for one of the tracks to add a bit of grit to the mix!”

Back at MTG Studios, the band re-visited the vocal and keyboard parts. Lead singer and keyboard player Jez Colborne was in splendid voice and after some particularly ‘Bee Gees’ sounding harmonies on a track called ‘Inner City’, he has earned the new nickname ‘Disco Stu’.

Sax player Alison Short then spent some time solidifying the sax parts on a track called ‘Love Song’ which has a real conversational element between Alison’s sax and Jez’s vocals – anyone would think there’s something between them.

The recordings will be finished in October, and should be released sometime over the winter. We can’t wait to hear them!